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20 Dec 2011

C.A.M Gallery presents Mahmut Celayir - Mehmet Kısmet 'Pastoral Dialogues'

Mahmut Celayir, Susa Yazıları, 2011 (detail)
150x200 cm, oil on canvas
Mehmet Kısmet, Untitled, 2011 (detail)
150x180 cm, c-print

Pastoral Dialogues
C.A.M Gallery


22 December 2011 - 31 January 2012 Vernissage: 22 December 6:00 pm Opening Hours:Tue- Sat, 10:00am-7:00pm

Yankı Çalışkan

C.A.M Gallery
Sair Nedim Cad. No:25 Akaretler

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C.A.M Gallery gathers together Mahmut Celayir and Mehmet Kısmet in 'Pastoral Dialogues' exhibition.

Mehmet Kısmet's black and white photos accompany Mahmut Celayir's paintings full with texture of earth, form and color variety of plants, and cosmic cycle of movement like warm and embracing brightness of sunshine. Both artists travel through subconscious. This is an inside journey, a journey of existence; in other words, a quest for a lost paradise, for a new identity.
Artists that reflect the untouchable mystery, power and motion of the earth and nature with different mediums, are having a pastoral dialogues with each other.

About C.A.M Gallery

C.A.M - standing for Contemporary Art Marketing – Gallery was established in 1992 by Sevil Binat and was one of the first Istanbul galleries exclusively to show the work of contemporary Turkish artists and to chart the trends and concerns of the developing scene. Since 2002 the gallery has been solely managed by Sevil and Levend Binat, and now operates on two different locations: Nişantaşı and Akaretler. The gallery actively participates in fairs and exhibitions abroad. The focus of the gallery is on work that is innovative and original, with a strong emphasis on supporting young artists, and discovering new and vital work.
The gallery has always cultivated and enjoyed close relationships with artists, both painters and those who working in the plastic arts. The multi-disciplinary approach of the artists involved with the gallery reflect the diverse interests of Sevil and Levend Binat. In addition, C.A.M is particularly proud to have been one of the first galleries in Istanbul seriously to show photography.

'As the audience and the appetite for contemporary art has increased in Turkey, C.A.M Gallery has not shied away from exhibiting Works that are often difficult in content', says Binat. 'One of the founding principles of the gallery was to educate and to move its audience and clients – as well as to support its artists. As Turkey becomes a serious player in the global art world, the gallery has attempted to remain committed to quality over quantity, to challenging works over more comfortable ones. The gallery also strongly believes that, aside from their responsibility to their artists and collectors, it must help educate the public about the shifting notions of what art is, helping to cultivate both taste and awareness. And, though the efforts of C.A.M as well as those of many other galleries, Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, is quickly regaining some of its previous status as a creative centre, with Turkish modernism being rediscovered, and contemporary art flourishing.'