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22 Dec 2011

a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies): call for research projects

advanced performance and scenography studies


application <20.01.2012> to start <01.05.2012> full program: 12 months

michele meesen

jan van rijswijcklaan 155

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you are working in the performing arts and want to start an artistic research in a professional research environment, free from production constraints,

if the concepts of performativity or/and scenography are (relatively) new to you and you want to explore them in depth, in relation to your own practice

a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) can offer you a one year post master program in which you develop your research project. In a context of self-education and collaboration you create a personal trajectory through workshops, individual mentoring and interaction with the other participants. At the end of this period, you present and communicate your research.

the post master programs, a.pass invites artists and theoreticians – possibly engaged in a PhD in the Arts - to develop independent artistic and transdisciplinary projects producing knowledge and tools relating to the key issues of the a.pass programs.

The a.pass context is designed to give the possibility to develop your skills as an independent and critical researcher and provides you with the context and instruments that answer to your specific questions and needs. Participants of a.pass manage their own research in continuous interaction with the other participants and, by doing so, engage in the organization of the shared curriculum.

The a.pass program is a 12-month program consisting of three blocks of four months. The first three months of each block take place within the organized collective research environment. Participants develop their personal trajectory in a constant communication with the other participants and co-ordinators, through participation in workshops, with feed-back from dedicated mentors and through the choice of personal mentors. The last month of each block is open for the further individual development of the research project.

more information in 'application requirements' on our website: