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06 Dec 2011

Radio Arts Space - FM / online / gallery exhibition by radioCona

Radio Arts Space
CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing


international radio art and sound art exhibition, radioCona FM 88.8MHz, online stream on, exhibition in ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana
broadcast start: December 7, 2011 @ 12.00pm, ŠKUC Galery opening @ 8pm
7 - 16, December 2011, 12.00pm - 19.00pm
produced by: CONA Institute, partners: Kiosk, Novi Radio Beograd, RAM Live

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Locations: FM 88.8 MHz, online stream, ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana
Listening room: ŠKUC Gallery, Pixxelpoint festival, Ljubljana Marketplace, rentable portable MP3 players, radios
Radio partners: radioCona, Novi Radio Beograd, RAM Live Roma, NAWG New York, Roma Radio Art Fair Roma, CoLaboRadio Berlin

Radio Arts Space constructs a gallery inside radio space, where Sound art and Radio art works are exhibited. It explores all the possible ways of exhibiting and reading Radio and Sound art. The project is also complemented by an (international) platform for the discussion of meanings, contextualization, artistic research and the exchange of sound art works. It is not designed as a hermetic space with all the answers given in advance, but as a structurally complex space, which generates new questions.

Radio Arts Space consists from 46 artworks, exhibited by 42 artists from 22 countries.The project Radio Arts Space combines seven independent curatorial perspectives and approaches in its exhibition format (Manja Ristić, Maria Papadomanolaki, Milica Pekić, Ilari Valbonesi, Brane Zorman, Tevž Logar and Robert Sakrowski). The invited curators were given a common starting point: they could choose to put together a selection of works, based on an open call (160 artworks), released by radioCona in May 2011 and/or to choose the authors on their own. This is why some of artists in the exhibition appear several times.

Curators and artists:  

Manja Ristić
(SRB): Alja Piry, Hainer Wörmann, H.A.K. lo fi record collective (Denis Mc Carty, Anton Mobin & Ayato), Irad Lee, Jason Bolte, Lee Fraser, Mario Verandi, Mark Vernon, Mikael Fernström in Sean Taylor (a.k.a. Softday), Phillip Tesner (a.k.a. Renset), Sol Rezza

Maria Papadomanolaki
(USA): Aki Onda, Ed Bear in Lea Bertucci (TwistyCat), Kabir Carter, Maria Chavez, The Propagations, Zach Layton

Milica Pekić (SRB): Carlos Noronha Feio, Luke Munn, Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot, Mark Vernon, Renata Padovan

Ilari Valbonesi (ITA): Matthias Meyer and Ingo Gerken, Marcelo Sahea, Lee Fraser, David Fyans, Joana Estevao, Mathieu Werchowski, Scott Danek, Jeff Gburek, James Andean, Sturqen (David Arantes and César Rodrigues), Irad Lee, Tom Bogear

Brane Zorman (SLO): Aaron Nemec, Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren, Alexander Baker, Automating, Daniel Blinkhorn, Emiliano Zelada, Felipe Rizzo Prux a.k.a. F.R.Prux, Henry Gwiazda, Inko Martin Mancisidor, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, Mary Kate Bukowski, Michael Bates, Vasja Progar, Marko Batista and Nataša Muševič, Steve Bradley

Tevž Logar
(SLO): H.A.K. lo fi record collective (Denis Mc Carty, Anton Mobin & Ayato), Jason Bolte, Michael Bates, David Fyans, François Marting, Luke Munn, Matthias Meyer and Ingo Gerken

Robert Sakrowski
(DE): An Acoustic journey through YouTube

RADIO ARTS SPACE exhibition programme:

7. - 16. December 2011, 12.00 pm  – 7.00 pm

radioCona FM 88.8 MHz and live stream on

Wednesday, 7. December 2011, 8.00 pm, Škuc Gallery

Opening and live events:
Robert Sakrowski / An Acoustic Journey Through YouTube
Ilari Valbonesi / Ultra Disco

Friday, 9. December 2011, Škuc Gallery
6.00 pm Curators’ speech (exhibition tour) and discussion
7.30 pm snacks
8.00 pm Marija Papadomanolaki / Detrital Propagations in Harmony
Petra Kapš / performative writer

Saturday, 10. December 2011, 11.00 am, Main Market Place, Ljubljana, radioCona intervention

Sunday, 11. December 2011, 11.00 am, ŠKUC Gallery

workshop: Robert Sakrowski / Building a YouTube-based Acoustic Net Piece
exhibition tour for children by Irena Pivka

Tuesday, 13 December 2011, Škuc Gallery
6.00 pm lecture: Elisabeth Zimmermann / curated by ...
7.30 pm live skype performance by Brane Zorman with selected artists

2. – 9. December 201, Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica
Radio Arts Space: Listening room
21. – 23. November 2011, public spaces in the city center
workshop Torsten Michaelson (Ligna) / Radio and Public Space Performing/Nonperforming

Radio Arts Space  -  credits

produced by: CONA Institute for Contemporary Art Proccesing (
project art directors: Irena Pivka, Barne Zorman
project manager: Jasmina Založnik

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partners: KIOSK Contemporary art platform (SRB), NRBG Novi Radio Beograd (SRB), Zerinthya RAM LIVE (IT)

project Radio Arts Space is supported by: European Cultural Foundation ECF, Ministry of Culture RS, Goethe Institut, Austrian Cultural Forum, JSKD (Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities), ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana, RTV SLO transmitters and communications