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07 Dec 2011

Netwerk / center for contemporary art: Vincent Meessen / Lidwien van de Ven / Mohamed El baz

Vincent Meesseen, Vita Nova, still image

Netwerk / center for contemporary art


Open 10 dec '11 > 3 mrc '12 Tue > Sun, 14:00 > 18:00


+32 53 709 773
+32 53 709 772

Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Houtkaai z/n
9300 Aalst

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Vincent Meessen My Last life

In the exhibition, My Last Life, Vincent Meessen (°1971, BE/US) lines out an ambitious plot involving Herbé, a fictional double character of the philosopher and literature theorist Roland Barthes. Vincent Meessen fits Barthes, himself the writer of Mythologies, within the mold of the ultimate 'mythological' project: namely the artist who transcends his role as creator to occupy a role as a character within his work.

In the exhibition, the artist presents colonial figures that were both a part of Barthes's writings and his real life. Ws his grandfather not Louis-Gustave Binger, the 'explorer-traveler' who annexed the ivory coast to France? in his sculptures, installations, documents and the film Vita Nova, Meessen places the dark side of the relationship between modernity and colonization under the microscope.

Lidwien van de Ven Freedom

With her introverted and intense black and white photographs Lidwien van de Ven (°1963, NL) focuses on issues of politics and religion while she postulates questions concerning the expressiveness of journalistic images. Her photos do not reveal their different layers of meaning at once, for they are poised upon the border between the visible and invisible, where the documentary, poetic and disturbing are brought together in a careful balance.

The photograph, Paris, 12/26/2006 (Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité) shows a nighttime street in the Marais. Current political controversies often make references to the three concepts that appear in this work. Simultaneously, they are also a part of the history of this particular Parisian district. This image and these words are the basis for the artist installation.


Real Life 2011

As an artist, Mohamed El baz (°1967, MA) has only one goal before him: to fix the things around him, in his own words 'the irreparable.' In his work El baz explores the notions of borders and territories, especially those what would raise barriers between individuals. El baz plays upon three themes in his work: the everyday, the autobiographical and the playful. The work itself is nomadic and transforms itself according to the context.