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01 Dec 2011

Lo and Behold presents After the rage, Athens

Mounir Fatmi, The lost ones, 2003-2004, video still, courtesy of the artist and Galerie Hussenot, Paris

After the rage
Lo and Behold


December 8 – 14, 2011 Organised by Lo and Behold curated by Giorgos Papadatos


7 Pidnas str
1855 Athens

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At Beton7, from 8 to 14 December a video screening project After the Rage will take place featuring the work of 12 artists from Arab countries and the Arab diaspora.

In selecting these artists, the project seeks to draw attention to the geo-cultural conditions that have emerged in the past year, what the media termed the 'Arab Spring', thereby predetermining its eventual course. The end purpose here is not to come up with regional clusterings or to look for national and religious stereotypes, nor is it to locate geo-strategic blueprints and power relations.

It is, rather, to reveal the symbolic dimension of this reordering of societies, which is taking place through the mobilization of a massive part of their nexus, despite the heterogeneous, contradictory and, often, violent means involved.

The search for these experiences, directly or otherwise, in the work of Arab artists, not as a mere chronicle in a linear relationship to events or future possibilities, but as a framework, whose common thread is the 'adversity condition', is especially relevant for contemporary visual art production in Greece, a society dealing with equally peculiar conditions, albeit of different origin.

Participating artists:

Ahmed AlSaer ( Eg ), Basma AlSharif ( Pal ), Kader Attia (Alg, De), Ismail Bahri (Tun, Fr), Taysir Batniji ( Pal, Fr), Mounir Fatmi ( Ma, Fr), Khaled Hafez ( Eg), Lamia Joreige ( Leb), Maha Maamoun ( Eg), Walid Raad/ The Atlas Group ( Le, USA), Larissa Sansour ( Pal, UK), Oraib Toukan ( Jo ).

curated by Giorgos Papadatos
texts by Charlotte Bank, Ilias Marmaras