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24 Oct 2011

WRO 2011 Alternative Now - RÉSUMÉ / WRO 2011 On Tour

WRO 2011 Alternative Now - RÉSUMÉ / WRO 2011 On Tour
The WRO Art Center



+48 71 343 32 40
+48 71 343 32 40 ext. 24

The WRO Art Center
Widok 7
50-052 Wrocław

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WRO 2011 Alternative Now – RÉSUMÉ / WRO 2011 On Tour

Opening: October 6th, 2011
The WRO Art Center, Widok 7, Wrocław, Poland

The WRO Alternative Now Résumé exhibition is an innovative presentation of a wealth of multimedia documentation of this year's WRO Biennale. WRO 2011 Alternative Now – the 14th WRO Media Art Biennale – was a global overview of what's currently happening in contemporary media art, with exhibitions, screenings, installations, performances, concerts, web projects, interactive projects, lectures, artist talks and presentations and children's events at 11 venues in Wrocław, attended by 200 artists, 800 accredited guests and a public of over 40,000 festival-goers.

The Résumé exhibition at the WRO Art Center documents the Biennale events along with interviews with artists, curators, art historians and media theorists. Specially designed viewing stations and interactive installations let viewers browse the assembled materials at their own pace.

The Résumé exhibition also includes Megan Daalder's award-winning installation Mirrorbox, in which viewers standing opposite each other watch as their features subtly and almost magically blend into one face – a poetic and evocative way of raising questions about the boundaries of identity.

Children attending the Résumé exhibition have another chance to play on the colorful Interactive Platform created by Paweł Janicki and Dominika Sobolewska, which enhanced the Town Square during the WRO 2011 Biennale. As kids move around the colorful squares, the Platform generates sounds based on color, space and movement.

Premiere of the WRO 2011 Alternative Now On Tour program

During the Résumé exhibition there take place a premiere screenings of the WRO Flash, a dynamic video survey of the WRO 2011 Biennale, and video works arranged by WRO's artistic director Piotr Krajewski into four thematic programs for the WRO 2011 On Tour. After its Wrocław premiere, WRO 2011 On Tour will be shown in a number of cities in Poland and abroad.



Manuel Saiz - Sic Transit / Matthias Fritsch - We, Technoviking / Kazuhiro Goshima – Throw / Seoungho Cho - Horizontal Intimacy / Marek Ranis, Jonathan Case - Hold On / Nicolas Provost – Storyteller / Robert Cahen – Le Depart


Piotr Bosacki – Shekhinah / Richard Wilhelmer – Strange Love / Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman, Joe Gerhardt) – Black Rain / Yasuto Yura – Invincible Mighty Man / Agnieszka Pokrywka – The End / Ulf Kristiansen – The Caring Bears / Alessandro Rolandi – One Harmonious Afternoon


Istvan Kantor – Song of the Antihero / Maria Ewa Toboła – White Army / Marie Ota – Chocolate to Sisiphus / Francesca Fini – Western Meat Market / Justyna Misiuk – Oresteja / Jaś Domicz – 507 375 153

Video documentation:

David Bowen, Anna Ejsmont, Dariusz Karnicki, Bartosz Konieczny, Marek ?acny, Aleka Polis, Jarek Tokarski, Karolina Turkowska, Marcin Wenzel

Photographic dokumentation:

Mirosław Emil Koch, Alicja Kołodziejczyk, Małgorzata Kujda, Zbigniew Kupisz, Marcin ?uczkowski, Katarzyna Pałetko, Sonia Poirot

Concept: Violetta Krajewska, Piotr Krajewski
Arrangement: Zbigniew Kupisz


Paweł Janicki (interactive installations)
Bartosz Konieczny (video editing)
Michał Szota (generative programming)