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20 Oct 2011

Travelling Contemporary Art Biennial

Young European Artists Network Biennial (JCE)
Ville de Montrouge - La Fabrique


15 October to 13 November 2011 From Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 to 8:00 pm

Alambret Communication
Anaelle Bled
+33 0148877077

La Fabrique
51, avenue Jean Jaurès
92 120 Montrouge

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Travelling Contemporary Art Biennial

France, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands

A true crossroads of avant-garde ideas
, the Young European Artists Network Biennial (JCE) is the European alter ego of the Contemporary Art Show in Montrouge.

Matchless and far-reaching
, the JCE Biennial offers an international panorama on young creativity. Through a travelling exhibition, it introduces young talents that represent the future in contemporary art.

Montrouge will be the first stage in a tour that will cover all of Europe until September 2013 and bring together nearly 80 young artists from the 10 partner countries. This is a unique opportunity to see the creativity of young European artists in a single venue.

Following a competition in each of the partner countries, eight young artists were selected independently by an artistic commissioner (Stephane Correard in France) with the support of art schools and institutions that promote young local creativity.

A true springboard for the artists selected
, the Biennial will provide exposure to the Art market while learning about the art practices and culture of each participating country.

The travelling exhibition is the theme that links the cities in the JCE network. Moreover, as of 2012, a residential project will make it possible for the artists to stay and work in several cities during the Biennial.

Lastly, during this first exhibition, a jury made up of experts from all over Europe will award the JCE Prize
. It will give the winners the opportunity of having their own exhibition in Brussels, in an internationally renowned venue.

Created in 2000 at the initiative of the City of Montrouge, JCE highlights the importance of comparing artistic points of view while crossing borders. JCE brings together a network of European cities and cultural institutions that share a real policy of supporting emerging creativity.