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14 Oct 2011

aMAZElab Art&Cultures: URBAN MAPS

ph: Urban Maps_Caravan Route (courtesy aMAZElab)

aMAZElab Art&Cultures/ TINA B


Opening on 20th October 2011 Wenceslas Square, The River Side and Vernon Depot, Prague

Claudia Zanfi
+39 02 6071623
+39 02 6071623

aMAZElab Art&Cultures
via Cola Montano 8
20159 Milano

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aMAZElab Art&Cultures has been invited to take part in the sixth edition of the TINA B International Festival of Public Art 2011 (Prague – Czech Republic) with the project entitled URBAN MAPS.

URBAN MAPS draws on the possibility to map out that which goes beyond mere cartography through a series of artistic performances which might be classed as political or social interventions.

will serve as a sort of 'cultural antennae'. It will be set up in the main squares in the centre of the city and presents:

1) 'The Caravan Hitchhiking Project' is an artistic project, conceived by the Dutch artists Tjerk Ridder and Peter Bijl with the aim of bringing together different people, cultures and worlds. It is a symbolic journey based on the idea and the slogan: 'you need others to keep you going'. The caravan will travel from Holland to Prague crossing through a wide range of territories and communities, collecting testimonies, memories and personal histories. Inspired by these experiences and encounters, the duo then will write songs and stage theatrical performances.
The Caravan Project is supported by Mondriaan Foundation.

2) A selection of VIDEO dedicated to themes such as urban space, contemporary living practices and the concept of public sphere. On show: 'Blue wall, Red doors' (2010) by Alban Muja (Kosovo), on the endless name-changing of squares and streets in Pristina, substituted with the rise of every new political regime; 'Deep Transition' (2011) by Ervis Eshya (Albania), a poetic tale telling of the transformations of the territory as observed from a train window on a journey from the Balkans to Western Europe; 'La Resistenza Nascosta' (2009) by Andrea Mariani and Francesca Rolandi (Italy), on the Sarajevo music scene, between traditions and the Balkan new wave.