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13 Oct 2011

...ment Issue 02 OUT NOW!



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Journal for Contemporary Culture, Art and Politics

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From the financial crisis to natural and man-made disasters via the wave of political extremisms, our times are patterned with catastrophes of all kinds. While the contemporary meaning of catastrophe is commonly associated to the idea of disaster and collective trauma its origin mostly refers to a sudden turn, or a reversal of what is expected. Catastrophe would therefore be this shift that allows us to explore spaces that could not be accessed, whilst breaking with the existing or the normative.

Issue 02 of …ment explores the dis-ordering nature of catastrophe whilst celebrating the potential of its narratives and imageries.

Contributors for this issue include Daniel Bürkner, art historian and cultural anthropologist, Berlin; Decolonizing Architecture, art and architecture collective, Palestine; DOXA, research group, London; Bo Christian Larsson, artist, Berlin; Jean-Charles Massera, artists and writer, Berlin and Paris; Jens Meinrenken, art historian, Berlin; Gustav Metzger, artist, London; Heather & Ivan Morison, artists, Brighton and Arthog; Tobias Scholz, lecturer and researcher in Sociology, Freie Universität, Berlin; David Riff, writers, Berlin. Also included in the journal is an excerpt Walter Benjamin's Theses on Philosophy of History.

…ment is a journal for contemporary culture, art and politics published in irregular intervals. Through a multi-disciplinary set of editorial forms, the journal aims to reflect on current societal issues and debates. ...ment is an initiative run by Federica Bueti, Benoit Loiseau and Clara Meister.

The printed journal includes a special edition by Bo Christian Larsson.

Look out for our special edition with SKOR, Foundation for Art and Public Domain, on the occasion of the symposium Social Housing – Housing the Social in November 2011!

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