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07 Oct 2011

Loge presents: David Kroell - '46 degrees'

David Kroell, Sketch for '46 degrees' at Loge, 2011

David Kroell - '46 degrees'
Loge Berlin


Opening on
Friday 07 Oct, 2011 at 19:00
Exhibition on until 03 Dec, 2011
Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 19:00

Martin Mlecko & Wolfgang Schöddert

Friedrichstrasse 210 / Checkpoint Charlie
10969 Berlin

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Martin Mlecko and Wolfgang Schöddert

David Kroell '46 degrees' (46°), 2011

David Kroell creates barely visible, sometimes even invisible room variances.
What is room? What defines room? What makes it take effect and how is this effectuality perceptible? Those questions are closely related to the work of David Kroell.

With '46 degrees' Kroell reacts to the irregular floor plan of the 3,5 square-metres Loge. The historical porter's lodge in close proximity to the former Checkpoint Charlie is usually displaying art projects as a display case. Installations can be examined through two Tudor Arches while it is not intended to enter the room. David Korell takes up this conceptual idea and uses the entire ground floor as workspace.

'46 degrees' initially only references to an above-average temperature while the Loge room seems unchanged. Not until the expiration of an undefined time, something strange will happen. The floor will show cracks, fractures arise and finally the black floor will stratify and crust like a dry riverbed. It will become a minimalisticly created area of expression for reflections on the quality and significance of architecture.

The search for '46 degrees' and its observation directs the attention to an indispensable, yet seldom noticed detail of architecture and its transformation. A focused look at this detail, the floor, supports the perception of the whole spatial complex and its peculiarities. To re-experience architecture in daily life, its characteristics, deficiencies and errors, as well as to recognize more clearly its presence and time restriction, might be a possible consequence that will transport the engagement with this and other works of David Kroell.

David Kroell
, born in Xanten in 1985, studied with Rebecca Horn Master and Gregor Schneider at UdK Berlin. Currently he is master student of Gregor Schneider. David Kroell lives and works in Berlin.