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27 Jan 2011

'Attraction of the Opposites' in Rotterdam

Attraction of the Opposites, cover image, photo: Kiki Petratou



Opening 10 February 2011 17.00 - 01.00 Opening hours during IFFR: Daily open 13.00 - 18.00 Opening hours from 11 February - 4 March: Thursday - Saturday 13.00 - 18.00 Finissage on Rotterdam Museum Night 5 March 20.00 - 02.00

Kiki Petratou
0031 (0) 618862473

Raampoorstraat 16
3032 AH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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Attraction of the Opposites

'Attraction of the opposites' brings 11 professional and international galleries to co-exist under one roof. The project will be presented in the space of Artists Initiative CUCOSA in Rotterdam during 3 major events: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam en Rotterdam Museum night.

The title of the exhibition 'Attraction of the opposites' can be explained in 2 ways and implements 2 concepts. One has to do with the blending of commerciality (galleries) with the non-profit nature of the art initiative. The choice of the space is based precisely on it's reputation as a centre for the promotion of art and it's willingness to be part of a new experiment whose motive is to challenge the way we experience and think about contemporary art.
The second concept derives from the interaction of the works shown in this exhibition. All works have been chosen based on their intrinsic quality and relevance to the corresponding theme and they display 2 tendencies: being introvert and being extrovert. Celebrity, voyeurism and self-display are some of the recurring subjects. Whereas these works are generous to their social critique they also reveal authentic human impulses.

The following galleries are invited to participate in the project with the following artists: ATM (New York, USA) with Tomoo Gokita / Bernice Steinbaum (Miami, USA) with Ricardo Zulueta / Bob Smit Gallery (Rotterdam, NL) with Birgit Verwer, Cindy Jansen and Rob van der Hoeven / Charlie Smith (London, UK) with Gavin Nolan and Alexis Milne /CUCOSA (Rotterdam, NL) with Dwight Marica, Wietse Eeken, Tonio de Roover, Arjen van Krieken and Toine Klaassen / Galerie Morgen (Berlin, DE) with Peter Buechler / HB Galerie (Rotterdam, NL) with Ruveanne Gerrissen, Mara Castilho and Jan Robert Leegte / Frank Taal (Rotterdam, NL) with Saminte Ekeland, Mike Ottink, Alexander van Merle and Rolf den Dunnen / galerie IRIS CORNELIS (Rotterdam, NL) with Katharina D. Martin and Sanne Luijben / Metis_NL (Amsterdam, NL) with Gil & Moti / Mirta Demare (Rotterdam, NL) with Hernan Marina

The project is part of IFFR's XL jubilee program. Especially for this occassion there will be two compilations of Dutch art videos presented with work by Serge Onnen, Jan van Nuenen, Jasper Scheepbouwer, Adonis Migkos, Martin Hansen, Anne Hartog, Alexander van Merle, Toine Klaassen, Cindy Jansen, Gil & Moti and Duro Toomato. In addition 6 International video art festivals are invited to contribute short video programs: Festival Miden (GR), CologneOFF (DE), Art:Screen (SE), FiXc (FI), Black Duck+Red Nomade (SP/ARG) and the global festival ART BY CHANCE.

During Art Rotterdam 'Attraction of the opposites' presents, as part of the exhibition, performances by Mara Castilho, Ieke Trinks and Toine Klaassen.

In the framework of the Rotterdamse Museumnacht there are three performances scheduled. Duro Toomato presents Slomobat Advice: Yes or No. Dr. Fisheye and Dusty Stray are in charge for live music. En last but not least the evening will be filled with 'Neo romantic italo punky ballroom blitz' by DJ 'vanallesdoorelkaar' aka Marcel Niehoff.

Curator: Kiki Petratou
Co - Organizers: Bob Smit, Hans Bakker