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21 Jan 2011

La Giarina Arte Contemporanea presents Daniele Girardi

La Giarina

I ROAD curated by Elena Forin
La Giarina Arte Contemporanea


Opening: Saturday 22, January at 6.30 pm 22 JANUARY - 31 APRIL 2011 Opening hours: 3.30 pm - 7.30 pm Tuesday-Saturday

Cristina Morato
+39 045 8032316
+39 045 4851227

La Giarina Arte Contemporanea
Interrato acqua morta, 82
37129 Verona

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I ROAD, the solo show by Daniele Girardi (Verona 1977) to be held in the La Giarina gallery, was inspired by a sensitivity and a purpose that are central both to his art and to his way of seeing and searching for images. His path is of course an itinerary; but it also represents the essence of the artist's search for, and synthesis of, a way of painting and a space undergoing change: the space of nature, the environment, and the context, but also that of the gallery. A space with changing identities that come to life in the artist's images and, through those images, find a territory in which what is mental and what is real are united in the same dream.
The works have their ideal centre in a large-scale installation, a kind of multimedia sketchbook whose images - hundreds of them - come together in a continuous flow within a cathode tube. The vision, symbol, and imagination discovered along the artist's and viewer's pathway through this continuous 'state of passage' and these deep transformations, lead straight to a synthesis of Girardi's interests. For him the process and the creative act are the necessary stops along a lengthy physical and mental journey through hybridization.
I ROAD's starting point, as is that of the artist, is fingerprints: their potential is found in the metamorphosis produced by the flow of time in the video paintings and in the profoundly intimate, moving, and necessary relationship with the installations' spaces.
Today, after the extensive interventions created specifically for the gallery's rooms by Manfredi Beninati and Daniele Giunti, La Giarina's years' long journey through contemporaneity continues with this extraordinary work by Daniele Girardi, the summing up of an art rooted in technology and one that touches on the areas of lucidly dazzling poetry and that indicates the directions of I ROAD: a road suspended in time.

On 12 February, in collaboration with La Giarina, the Associazione Contemporanea Verona will be presenting in the gallery an event in which the works by Girardi will be accompanied by poems by Alessandro Rivali (Genoa, 1977).
Daniele Girardi and Alessandro Rivali share a mutual view of travel as an aspect of their inquiries into, and interest in, ferocious and eloquent language. Through words and images they will lead the public through new possible narratives.
This will also be the occasion for presenting the catalogue of the show, with an essay by Elena Forin.

Daniele Girardi
(Verona, 1977)
Girardi's art is concerned with the exploration and fusion of different languages with the aim of creating a new area of video-painting.
Due to his innovative yet well-tried technique (techno-painting), a technique that unites the painting tradition to digital research, he has been invited to participate in numerous group- and solo shows. Among these mention should be made of the XIV Quadriennale, Rome, in 2004, and the Cromo-kit project in the Teatro della Triennale, Milan, in 2006. In the same year he was awarded a study bursary for the ISCP programme, New York City; during this period he came into contact with the most prominent members of the international art community.
His works are to be seen in important public and private collections. In 2009 one of his video-painting works became part of the permanent collection of the Palazzo Forti museum of contemporary art in Verona. In 2010 he participated in the Italian Art Today show in the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in San Francisco.
He lives and works in Milan.