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12 Jan 2011

LUMEN_EX 2011: Digital Art Awards

Digital Art Awards
University of Extremadura


Deadline 18 febraury 2011


University of Extremadura
Plaza de Caldereros
10071 Cáceres

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Committed to the creation and dissemination of contemporary culture, the University of Extremadura, through its Vice-Chancellor for Institutional Relations and Cultural Extension, has convened since 1994 Artistic Creation Awards, through which has resulted in creation of a collection of contemporary art, to provide the university community and the general public direct access to the understanding, study and enjoyment of new languages and artistic vanguards.

Being sensitive to the evolution of these languages and techniques and trying to cooperate actively in the construction of the new digital culture, still emerging, the University of Extremadura in 2010 updated the contents of these awards, creating a new section of its art collection, the promoting and convening the first Digital Arts Awards, an international character under the brand LUMEN_EX.

Given the huge success and the impact achieved in the first edition, UEx, ready to continue supporting this type of artistic creation and to strengthen its collection of contemporary art in this virtual production line, now calls through its Relations Office Institutional and Cultural Outreach, 2nd Digital Art Awards LUMEN_EX 2011.



The University of Extremadura, through the Vice-Chancellor of International Relationships and Cultural Extension, announces the second edition of the LUMEN_EX Digital Art Awards 2011.


The Digital Art Awards are divided into two categories:

• 'Mini-animations'. Digital animation works (non-interactive) with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

• 'Interactive works'. Virtual works that require the interaction of the user.


The awards are as follows:
• For Best Mini-animation, a first prize of TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED EUROS (€2,500) and a second prize of ONE THOUSAND EUROS (€1,000) will be awarded.

• For Best Interactive work, a first prize of TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED EUROS (€2,500) and a second prize of ONE THOUSAND EUROS (€1,000) will be awarded.

All awards will be subject to current tax legislation and legally stipulated deductions. The award-winning work will become part of the University of Extremadura's digital art collection.


Work submitted for the LUMEN_EX Digital Art Awards 2011 must be original and must have been created after 1/1/2008, and not exhibited or reproduced through any other media, publishing or broadcasting system prior to the deadline for competition entries.

Artists may submit a maximum of two works in each category.


The LUMEN_EX Awards will be adjudicated by a panel of competition judges who will establish their own assessment criteria to reach their decisions. The judges' decisions cannot be appealed and the competition can be declared null and void. The judging panel will be chaired by the Awards' Director, Jose Ramon Alcala, and will be composed of the following judges:
- Roberta Bosco
- Jesus Carrillo
- Antonio Franco
- Pilar Mogollon

The names of the selected artists and winners will be published on the Awards' website - - during the week following the judges' meeting.


The winning works, together with those of the finalists selected by the judging panel, will become part of an exhibition held by the University of Extremadura at the MEIAC (the Extremaduran and Latin American Museum of Contemporary Art) in Badajoz. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the official presentation of the prizes will take place, after which the artwork could be exhibited at other exhibitions and/or by means of any system, channel or method of dissemination, as well as on the Internet or official LÚMEN_EX social networks, but only as part of the LUMEN_EX Awards 2011.


The competition entry period for acceptance of artwork will run from the date of publication of these Rules and Entry Requirements to the deadline on 18 February 2011, inclusive. Artwork received after this date will not be accepted.


The submitted digital artwork should be sent (as an attachment) to the official email address of the Awards or by means of any other direct file download system. The competition entrant will receive an email confirming receipt of the submitted work. The official email address is:

The submitted work must be accompanied by a competition entry form (downloadable from the official website of LUMEN_EX 2011), which must be fully completed with the following information:
• The artist's personal details
• Details of the submitted work
• The artist's résumé
• A brief description of the submitted work

Entries that do not meet these entry requirements may be disqualified by the LÚMEN_EX 2011 judging panel.


By entering this competition, the artist or owner of the intellectual property of the submitted work authorises the Award organisers, in the event that it is selected or awarded with a prize, to exhibit the work as part of the competition in terms of its duration and location, in any online or offline media or system, nationally or internationally, without incurring a fee payable to the artist (or organisation represented).

The winning works will become part of the University of Extremadura's Permanent Art Collection, and all exhibition rights shall be ceded by means of a contract signed by both parties for the time period and under the conditions stipulated by current Intellectual Property legislation.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of its rules and entry requirements, and in the event of circumstances that are not provided for in the rules, the judges' decision will be final and indisputable.