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18 Sep 2010

Tumult - Public Art Festival on the south-eastern islands of Denmark

Wooloo, New Life Horbelev, 2010

Tumult Public Art Festival in Nakskov, Nykøbing Falster, Vordingborg & Stege
22 August – 24 October 2010



Marie Bruun Yde
+45 60619713

Guldborgsund Municipality, Department of Culture
Parkvej 37
DK-4800 Nykøbing F

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A Kassen / Arkiv Stakit Kasket / Mark Dion / Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani / Kristoffer & Mette Glyholt / Frans Jacobi / Thomas Kilpper / Rikke Cora Larsen & Carina Jo Sivager / Søren Lose / Marie Lund / Mads Lynnerup / Aleksandra Mir / Tea Mäkipää / Miriam Nielsen / Parfyme / Tanja Nellemann Poulsen / Katya Sander / Superflex / Bettina Camilla Vestergaard / Danh Vo / Wooloo

Curator: Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

The public art festival Tumult is taking place in Denmark this autumn on the islands of Lolland, Falster and Møn, and in south-eastern Zealand. A total of 21 artists and artist groups will be presenting new and unique site-specific projects, including sculpture, installations, film, audio, performance and social works. The projects will generate new experiences and excursion possibilities, cause changes and temporarily alter reality.

Tumult meets people where they are. The works can be encountered everywhere in the towns and the countryside, and in both central, populated places, and in peripheral, more out-of-the-way places. Common to all of the artists and contributions is that they work physically and socially with the area – with its history, customs, narratives, self-image and future. The projects penetrate into the area's buildings, landscapes, industry, infrastructure and archives and enter into dialogue with the locality and its inhabitants in an effort to explore its culture, identity, memories, traumas and potentials.

Topics addressed by the art projects include publicness, participatory models, shrinkage, the production of symbols and language reflecting desired and undesired urban and rural development, vernacular and amateur culture, and the relationship between place, thought and action.

Tumult is about everyday life and challenges in remote regions, and invites everyone to participate in the debate on urban and rural development and change. The exhibition aims to create new perspectives on the status and possibilities of the periphery, and to discuss the role of contemporary art in culture and society as a whole.

Tumult is organized by the municipalities of Vordingborg, Guldborgsund and Lolland in co-operation with the Lolland-Falster Museum and the Danish Castle Centre, and is funded by the Danish Arts Council.

Short guide and map can be downloaded at

Free guided tours, booking essential at :

Nykøbing F city walk: 25 September and 9 October. Starts at the train station at 11am.
Nakskov city walk: Saturday 4 and 18 September, 2 and 16 October. Starts at the train station at 11am.
Bus tours: Saturday 28 August, 11 and 25 September and 9 October. Departure from Nykøbing F station at noon.

A catalogue will be released and a conference on public art and regeneration will be held on Lolland on 25 November 2010.