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31 Aug 2010

Objectif Exhibitions: Sophie Nys 'The Drunkard's Cloak'

A 'drunkard's cloak' is the name of a 17th Century punishment for public drunkenness.
The drunk was forced to don a barrel and wander through town while the villagers jeer at him.

Sophie Nys 'The Drunkard's Cloak'
Objectif Exhibitions


Opening: Saturday 04/09, 6-8pm September 4 to November 6



Objectif Exhibitions
Kleine Markt 7-9/bus 26
Antwerp 2000

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Triggered by an interest in modern historical events and their remnant artifacts, Sophie Nys' new project 'The Drunkard's Cloak', produced by Objectif Exhibitions, delves into the history of the pillory. Placed in areas of public gathering throughout feudal Belgium, the pillory was a wooden structure used to punish a prisoner and expose them to public abuse. Nys researched the history of these objects and re-stages them in a contemporary context questioning the possibility of their 'worldlessness' as mere forms.

Sophie Nys' (b. Belgium, 1974) practice brings conceptual and minimalist artistic strategies to their logical and formal limits by exploiting the broad artistic license possible within the contemporary art milieu. Far from being flippant, her works-though seemingly ironic - maintain their eloquence as poetic reflections on her subjects derived from the every day. Nys' most recent solo shows include 'Sophie Nys' at Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels (2009), 'Time Capsule' at Kiosk, Gent (2008) and 'Lonely at the Top', MUHKA, Antwerp (2007).

In parallel to the exhibition, on October 14th at 7pm, historian and jurist Dr. Paul De Win, Ph.D, will give a lecture on the subject of pillories. The lecture entitled 'Aan de kaak stellen. Een woordje uitleg over kaak en kaakstraf' will be held in Dutch.