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26 Aug 2010

Trailer presents CopyClash exhibition + release Trailer magazine in Rotterdam

Dennis de Bel & JODI - 'Copyright 2010', 2010



Opening: Sunday 12th September 17:00
 12th September - 24th october 2010
 Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 12:00-19:00

Marieke de Rooy
+31 (0)10 24 39 800

ROT(T)TERDAM project space
Meent 125
3011 JH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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12 September – 24 October

'Overprotecting intellectual property is as harmful as underprotecting it.'

- Alex Kozinski

This year ROT(T)TERDAM will extend Witte de Withstraat to the Meent! The Exhibition CopyClash will open at 17:00 just as 'De Wereld van Witte de With' is breaking down. It is also the official release of the 1st issue of Trailer magazine.

Our cultural innovation has always been guaranteed by building upon the works and ideas of others. Especially in our digital era many works are being barricaded by copyrights or other forms of intellectual property laws. This endangers the nature of our cultural innovative ecosystem by eroding the cultural soil, essential for the growth of new cultures.
The works in CopyClash and the corresponding magazine shows how cultural innovation is held back by the clashing borders of today's intellectual property, copyright, originality, authenticity and plagiarism.
In order to protect our cultural richness we are in need of new approaches that create a better balance between the availability of cultural goods and the reward or protection of it's authors.

Research centre
All research material for CopyClash is presented in the research centre at the exhibition space. Visitors can sit back and enjoy a selection of relevant films, books, documentaries, essays and other related material.


Dennis de Bel (NL) & JODI (BE/NL), Ondrej Brody (CZ) & Kristofer Paetau (FI), Bea Correa (BR/NL), Peter Fischli (CH) & David Weiss (CH), Nate Harrison (US), Patrick Liddell (US), OkGO! (US), Evan Roth (US), Ad Schouten (NL), Wieden+Kennedy (US)

Trailer magazine
During the opening of CopyClash, Trailer will officially release their first issue of Trailer magazine.
This publication offers many other perspectives using relevant essays, interviews, columns, in depth stories about the artists and a lot more.

CopyClash is a project by curatorial collective Trailer.

Opening: Sunday 12th September 17:00
The exhibition will run from 12th September - 24th october 2010
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 12:00-19:00
Address: Meent 125, Rotterdam

More info:

CopyClash is supported by: Mondriaan Foundation, SNS REAAL Foundation, 'Bevordering van Volkskracht' Foundation, Stokroos Foundation en ROT(T)TERDAM.

Many thanks to: Roodkapje, JODI, Jesse van Oosten, Anneroos Goosen, IXISUS, Vincent Cardinaal, Florian Cramer, Nathalie Hartjes, Jenine Hooglander, Jasmijn Jarram, Stanley van der Meer, Roel van Meerendonk, Milan Tilder, Lobke van Aar, Loredana Bontempi, Jeroen Jongeleen, Daan Markus, D. Israel Peralta en PKV.