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30 Aug 2010

Out now: ON-CURATING ISSUE 05: 1,2,3, --- thinking about exhibitions

ON-CURATING ISSUE 05: 1,2,3, --- thinking about exhibitions


ON-CURATING.ORG is an independent international Web-Journal focusing on questions around curatorial practice and theory

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1,2,3, --- thinking about exhibitions

This issue combines discussions, interviews, and articles concerning recent discussions in Rotterdam and Hamburg. The symposium in Rotterdam, The Curators, at Witte de With emphasized the role of the curator-subject. This issue includes two interviews which critically review the contributions and results of the symposium, revealing different aspects and controversial facets of their topics. The two featured interviews include one with Nikolaus Schaffhausen and Zoe Gray, those responsible for the organization of the symposium, as well as one interview with Paul O'Neill, a contributor. The second symposium took place in Hamburg. Florian Waldvogel and Annnette Hans chose a more historical approach to the field of exhibition making. Forms of Exhibitions presented influential exhibitions re-worked by curators and art historians.

In Hito Steyerl's essay Is a museum a factory? Steyerl investigates the immense overflow of media work in recent exhibitions and the impact on viewer positions.

An article by Dorothee Richter explores the history of exhibition displays, providing an overview from the French Revolution onwards until today.

The third article by Sabine Gebhard Fink provides a theoretical approach to performative aspects of mediation, showing that curating can be seen as a specific kind of art mediation and therefore as a part of a broader educational complex.

As carte blanche in this issue of On-Curating Martin Ebner and Florian Zeyfang designed five pages on the basis of Poor Man's Expression.

Dorothee Richter
Supported by: Postgraduate Program in Curating, Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)