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13 Aug 2010

HanseArt Bremen 2010 - call for applications

KundK Veranstaltungen Thomas Roth

HanseArt - International fair for artists
KundK Veranstaltungen / Thomas Roth


The HanseArt Bremen will take place from 12th to 14th November 2010 In an area of 4.500 square meters, more than 150 exhibiters can show their exhibits The most reasonable stand fee is 325€ The application deadline is
September 04th, 2010

Mr. Thomas Roth
++49 40 89700676
++49 40 89700676

Kunstmesse HanseArt
Theodor- Heuss- Allee (Bürgerweide)
28215 Bremen

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Welcome to HanseArt which will take place from November 12th to 14th, 2010 in Bremen.

Below you will find important information related to the exhibition, as well as a summary of the different participation possibilities.

The HanseArt
A room that gathers artistic and commercial interests so that artists as well as galleries have the possibility of exhibiting their work, to be more well known as well as to sell their art.

Participants will be able to
A diverse and new interested public.
Exhibit in a friendly yet professional artistic atmosphere.
Be known by people with artistic interests as well as professionals.
Sell their work commission-free.
Do their own advertisement by giving away flyers, catalogs, profiles, business cards, etc...


The HanseArt is a fair for artists to exhibit and sell their work. We accept dedicated individuals in the areas of painting, graphic, illustration, photography and sculpture. Several galleries are accepted as well. The artists will be evaluated according to their application and the art submitted, in order to ensure that the work quality of the participants is of the highest level.
The application deadline is September 04th, 2010. The form as well as the terms and conditions can be found under our website:

Messe Center Bremen.

Situated in the center, close to the central station and in immediate vicinity to highways, hotels and restaurants is the exhibition hall provided in the heart of the city.
In an area of 4.500 square meters, more than 150 exhibiters can show their exhibits.
Integrated gastronomy, comfortable assembly and disassembly, good parking situation as well as different standoptions guarantee optimal conditions.

Selected candidates will be informed of their participation after their work has been evaluated by a group of judges. Enough notice will be given to prepare for the exhibit.

The HanseArt will provide each artist with professional exhibit equipment which ensures an ideal environment to present artistic work.

Thanks to the different sizes, each artist has the possibility to chose the ideal size for his/her needs.


The advertisement activities will be concentrated to the areas around Bremen and the north of Germany.


From Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th, November 2010.

A vernissage will take place on Friday from 6 to 8 pm.
General Exhibition: Saturday from noon to 8 pm. Sunday from 11am to 7 pm.

Detailinfos for the stand will be found under

The entrance fee per person is € 5,-
Kids and youngsters under sixteen have free access.
Guests invited by the artisits who show their invitation at the entrance will also have free