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22 Jul 2010

n.paradoxa: Volume 26: Feminist Pedagogies: latest volume just published

volume 26: Feminist Pedagogies
n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal


Katy Deepwell

KT press
38 Bellot St
London SE10 0AQ

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n.paradoxa: Volume 26: Feminist Pedagogies: July 2010

This new volume of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal discusses both past and present teaching of feminist art in art history classes as well as the development of feminist art practices in studios and in workshops for women artists. The volume looks at a range of educational initiatives designed to focus on developing or mentoring women artists beyond formal education as well as the teaching of feminist art history and feminist theory both inside and outside a University setting.


Mónica Mayer 'Feminism and Art Education: from Loving Education to Education through Osmosis'
On organising feminist art workshops in California and Mexico for 30 years.

Griselda Pollock Opened, Closed and Opening: Reflections on Feminist Pedagogy in a UK University - on the history of teaching feminist art and theory and the MA Visual Arts and Feminism course.

Bridie Lonie and Susan Ballard Telling minor histories and writing theory practices: a conversation on feminist pedagogy from New Zealand

Laura Meyer with Faith Wilding Collaboration and Conflict in the Fresno Feminist Art Program in the 1970s: An Experiment in Feminist Pedagogy

Fabienne Dumont Nil Yalter: memory, migrants and workers in 1970s-1980s France

Stephanie Springgay The Lactation Station and A Feminist Pedagogy of Touch

Ulrike Rosenbach Schule für Kreativen Feminismus, Köln, 1976-1982

Alexis Kinloch MAWA: Successes, Crises and Issues after Twenty-Five Years of Feminist Mentoring in Canada

Hannah Kruse Goldrausch Kuenstlerinnenprojekt in Berlin – a network and training ground

Katie Cercone Aesthetics of Addiction: Marilyn Minter and the Legacy of Female Consumer Pathos

In the special feature 'Notes from the Front Line', n.paradoxa invited lecturers from different parts of the world to discuss their thoughts on teaching specific courses in feminist art history, theory and practice today.
Contributions are from: Irina Aristarkhova (USA), Suzana Milevska (Macedonia), Ana Martínez-Collado (Spain), Catriona Moore (Australia), Rebecca Jennison (Japan), Flaudette May Datuin (Philippines), Sarah Cohen (USA), Katrin Kivimaa (Estonia), Moira Vincentelli (UK), Peg Brand (USA), Nancy Macko (USA), Lourdes Mendez (Spain) and Brett van Hoesen (USA)

96 pages black and white
ISSN: 1461-0426

Available in print form only from
Orders taken for individual copies or annual subscriptions from individuals or institutions
n.paradoxa is published in July and January annually since 1998