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16 Jul 2010

Bongout Outdoor Art Film Festival, Berlin

Bongoût 2010

Outside the Box


Bongoût Outdoor Art Film Festival
'Outside the Box' July 16, 17, 18 at 9 pm Bongoût Summer Patio, Torstr. 103

Nine Yamamoto-Masson
+49(0)30 280 93 758

Bongoût Gallery
Torstr. 110
10119 Berlin

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Bongoût Outdoor Art Film Festival

Bongoût Gallery in collaboration with curator Carolina Hellsgård proudly presents the second installment of its series of film screenings »Outside the box«. Over the course of three evenings, we will continue our exploration of contemporary perspectives on short film and video art.
In this summer program, we will present 26 international short films that utilize a variety of filmic strategies to exploit the narrative and formal potential of film. An entire program is devoted to Swedish film production, in addition to the two international programs that will showcase films from South Korea, Cuba, Germany, Russia and the US among others.
Friday 16. July at 9 pm | Swedish film program »Nordic Topographies«
The Swedish film program »Nordic Topographies« showcases an exciting cross section of contemporary filmic visions by Swedish filmmakers. It covers a great deal of subject matters and film genres, including art, porn, animation, fiction as well as documentary films. Some of the films take place in such diverse places as Thailand, Lapland and the US. Other films utilize the confined space of a car, the living room or just the bed, to tell captivating stories.
Featured Swedish filmmakers include: Annika Ström, Susanna Wallin, Johannes Nyholm, Pella Kågerman, Ruben Östlund, Jens Jonsson, Hanna Heilborn, David Aronowitsch, Sara Preibsch and Johanna Aust.

Saturday 17 July at 9 pm | International film program »World dominance«
The international program »World dominance« presents a wide spectrum of film making; from 16mm film and low-fi video to advanced digital technologies that push cinema to its limits. Several of the films display protagonists that seem to exist in a state of limbo, alternating between the adolescent and adult world, the twilight moment between wake and dream or even digital layers of reality. Other films concentrate on the reality that is present, may it be as an existence trapped in a small body or as conjoined twins.
»World dominance« presents films by the American filmmakers Harmony Korine and Eliza Hittman, the legendary Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, experimental work by the Norwegian filmmaker Inger Lise Hansen and the prolific young French filmmaker Paris-based Vincent Moon. It furthermore showcases work by the German filmmakers Astrid Rieger and Ute Ströer as well as the alien resident Vlad Kromatika.

Sunday 18 July at 9 pm | International film program »Crashing visions«
The international film program »Crashing visions« deals with themes like violence, pain and shattered illusions in various ways, often involving a great deal of humor and dark comedic undertones. Formally it is a diverse program, presenting animation, experimental, performance, documentary as well as fiction work.
»Crashing visions« features German films from the artist duo Markus Löffler and Andree Korpys, as well as Berlin-based Helene Hegemann and Hanna Doose. The program showcases international films by South Korean director Nayoon Rhee, US based experimental filmmaker Jennifer Reeder and Australian artist Jemima Wyman. It also includes a Berlin documentary by American director Julius Onah, and a rarely shown short film by the legendary UK–German performance group Gob Squad.