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12 Jul 2010 Grand Prix deadline extended to August 2 2010 Grand Prix Digital Media Art Challenge
Turku 2011 Foundation


Submission Date until
August 2, 2010.

Kristian Eppert

Turku 2011 Foundation
Läntinen Rantakatu 15
20100 Turku

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Due to the user peak on our servers just before the deadline, we have decided to prolong the Grand Prix submission date until August 2, 2010.

Please submit your work before that date, and you will be participating in one of the biggest media art awards of 2010.

Here are some examples of the work that is suitable for our quite flexible categories:

* Open: Digital art installations, short films - anything that can be demonstrated or accessed over the Internet, even if the work itself is physical

* Participative media: The category focuses on interaction between the viewer and the art work, possibly utilizing technology in its presentation.

* Digital Turku 2011: Experimental, alternative, creative and non-stereotypical audiovisual
interpretations of cityspace, like Turku. The work does not have to be from or even involve Turku, but should rather be something that brings art into the public space.

* Culture 2.0: How to combine art and social media? Application, viral artwork or perhaps a collaborative community art project on the Internet?

* Artistic game: Creative games that rejuvenate the online game genre with their functionality, interactivity or unique, novel approach.