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23 Jun 2010

Czech Dream - Lucid Dream in Warsaw and Lodz

Jiri Kovanda, Untitled, documentation of action, 30.01.2009, Dominik Art Projects, Krakow

Czech Dream - Lucid Dream
Dominik Art Projects Foundation


25th June - 30th July 2010
EXHIBITION IS (no)T... Jiri David, Jiri Kovanda, Salon Akademii, Warszawa 29th June - 20th August 2010
Milan Grygar. Drawings and Sound, Galeria Foksal, Warszawa 1st July 2010, at 8 pm
Acts of Timeless, ZONA Sztuki Aktualnej, Lodz 2nd July - 20th August 2010
Ears Like Loops, ZONA Sztuki Aktualnej, Lodz

Monika Koziol
(0048) 12 4181111
(0048) 12 4181111

Dominik Art Projects Foundation
os. Gorali 5
31-959 Krakow

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25th June - 20th August 2010

Jiri David, Jiri Kovanda, Milan Grygar, Eva Kotatkova, Katerina Seda, Marketa Othova, Petra Herotova, Ondrej Brody, RAFANI, Jan Serych, Pavel Sterec, Mark Ther, Jiri Thyn.

Curator and coordinator of Project: Adam K. Dominik

Organizer: Dominik Art Projects Foundation, Krakow (Poland)
Co-organizers: Galeria Foksal in Warszawa, Academy of Fine Arts in Warszawa, ZONA Sztuki Aktualnej in Lodz, Czech Center in Warszawa
The project supported by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


24th June 2010, at 7 pm, Screening of video art of JIRI DAVID, Galeria Aula in Warszawa (accompanying event)

25th June - 30th July 2010, Exhibition EXHIBITION IS (no)T... JIRI DAVID, JIRI KOVANDA
Salon Akademii in Warszawa, opening: 25 June 2010, at 6 pm (official inauguration of project CZECH DREAM - LUCID DREAM)

29th June - 20th August 2010, Exhibition MILAN GRYGAR. DRAWINGS AND SOUND,
curator: Martin Dostal
Galeria Foksal ( ul. Foksal 1 / 4, Warszawa ), opening: 29 June 2010, at 7 pm

1st July 2010, at 8 pm, ACTS OF TIMELESS (Screening of young Czech video art)
curators: David Korinek, Marek Meduna
ZONA Sztuki Aktualnej (ul. Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz)

2th July - 20th August 2010, Exhibition EARS LIKE LOOPS.
curator: Edith Jerabkova
ZONA Sztuki Aktualnej (ul. Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz), opening: 2 July 2010, at 7 pm

„Czech Dream - Lucid Dream' is a project prepared by Dominik Art Projects Foundation. To explain the complexity of contemporary art and multiplicity of artistic expression of Czech artists,  the project consists of exhibitions, presentations of video art, meetings with artists. The project is taking place in two cities - Lodz and Warsaw. Therefore, the project 'Czech Dream - Lucid Dream' does not limit itself to the presentation of one generation of artists, one trend in the Czech art, or just its one correct interpretation. Simultaneously, the art of such classical author as Milan Grygar will be presented, as well as the world of a highly appreciated artist of the middle generation Jiri David and Jiri Kovanda and artworks of representatives of the youngest generation including Katerina Seda, Eva Kotatkova and Ondrej Brody.

As for the title of the project, it refers to the psychological term 'lucid dream' (in other words: a clear dream, transparent dream, dream of knowledge) which defines a dream where the dreamer realizes he is dreaming and thus can consciously influence its contents. Simultaneously, the title refers to the situation of Czech artists in the 70's and 80's. Such a lucid dream about the freedom of art, possibility of its presentation, is certainly experienced by each artist whose actions are hampered by the political system. Such a 'dream' was dreamt by the inhabitants of the Czech, taking into consideration the situation that occurred in the 70's and 80's in their country. However, the starting point of the events in the 'Czech Dream - Lucid Dream' is not only the exchange of ideas, but mostly the fact that Poland allowed many Czech artists to present their art in that time. Thereby their dream of Czech freedom could come true. And it has been coming true by today....