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22 Jun 2010

CLUELESS at Manifattura Tabacchi Torino

Vlatka Horvat Searching (11), Courtesy of the artist

Inconcludenze quotidiane / Geometry of misunderstanding.
Manifattura Tabacchi


June 24 - July 18 2010
Opening hours: wed to sat 4 - 7 p. m. or by appointment at 0039 011 198 65 480

Laura Fusca
0039 011 198 65 480

Manifattura Tabacchi
Corso Regio Parco 134/a
10155 Torino

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Constructed by means of language and representation, identities are not a stable unity but a changing thread of ideological positions built as a temporary meeting point of subjects and codes on the crossroads of different social formations and personal histories.

The exhibition brings together a diverse range of artistic practices that emerge from different cultural, ideological (political) and economic backgrounds, but react in similar ways.
CLUELESS tries to mark the resistance to routine and oppressions by underscoring the philosophy of life styles and attitudes as the reference field of expression. This is what places artistic practices into the area of the everyday and its transformation into visual language. Artists critically investigate questions of individual and collective existence and indicate personal or social commentaries in the background of our common daily lives, engaging in issues between possibility and impossibility of articulation.

By diverse strategies artists create an individual language as well as context for the artwork, establishing relationships towards artistic, institutional and non-institutional context, showing the symbolic capital of society's fetishes and values, individual and collective actions or struggles.

CLUELESS explores how contemporary artists represent a subjective fragmented mosaic structure of the world through structures of fragments, repetition and montage displaying banality of everyday activities that by slipping signifiers took a critical position spiced with irony and humor. Subjective imagination and modes of resistance are inscribed within spatial and temporal discontinuities that attempt to establish the disconnected relations of failed expectations, empty gestures and negotiations, providing new imaginative paths and possibilities of traveling through a itinerary of everyday reality.

Curated by
Branka Benčić, Lorena Tadorni

Felipe Aguila, Giulia Caira, Bettina Cohnen, Alen Floričić, Babette Mangolte, Rä di Martino, Vlatka Horvat, Marko Lulic, Cecilia Lundqvist, Ana Prvacki, ProvMyza, Marko Tadić, Magda Tóthová.

The exhibition is supported by Regione Piemonte and Ministry of Culture R. Croatia, Dept. For Culture City of Pula, Dept. For Culture City of Zagreb. We thank Università degli Studi di Torino. Patronage Città di Torino.