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15 Jun 2010


spike art quarterly


spike 24 will be out on June 14th in Austria, June 18th in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, June 28th in the rest of Europe and will arrive in the USA and the rest of the world on July 14th.


+43 1 236 299 5

spike art quarterly
Gumpendorfer Straße 56
1060 Vienna

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We are pleased to announce our new issue of spike!


Ready-Made Painting
. The art critic Barbara Buchmaier on a young generation of New York artists who are searching through a myriad of possibilities in painting, driven by scepticism in relation to the contemporary possibilities of the medium

Bruce Hainley
in conversation with the American author Wayne Koestenbaum about Harpo Marx’ muteness, theory that comes out of nowhere, things that shine, assimilation and the undertow of objects

Artist's Favourites by John Bock
: Vinyl -Terror & -Horror, Kara Uzelman, Nina Canell, Heike Aumüller, Adrian Lohmüller

Keren Cytter broaches the subject of the malleability of modern human relationships in an often fantastic manner. With her dance theatre company D.I.E. NOW, she has been present on international platforms for the last two years. Andreas Schlaegel met the artist for a conversation

The videos, installations, photographs and drawings from Viennese artist Nadim Vardag aim at consolidation and precision. By Severin Dünser

Recent works by the Albanian video artist Anri Sala are clearly growing in complexity, thanks to their truly »contradictory« use of music. By Raimar Stange

Marxism is still the most thorough, salient and trenchant critique of capitalism, a system which – more than ever – needs critics and rivals. Nick Currie on the resurging interest in communist principles in the art world

In the 30s, Piero Portaluppi built in the Villa Necchi Campiglio one of the most unusual private houses in Milan.  By Michele D’Aurizio

Jessica Morgan, curator of contemporary art at the Tate Modern, on »site-specific installation« (1992) by Robert Gober

In reaction to Peru’s lack of representation on the international contemporary art scene Renzo Gianella and Giancarlo Scaglia set up Revolver Galéria in Lima. By Pablo Léon de la Barra

The idea of Africa. The Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos wants to leave postcolonial thinking in the dust. By Philippe Pirotte

The curator Raimundas Malašauskas collects artist-made animals. Jonas Žakaitis talks with him about his bestiary

Illegible piss stains. Radio-maker, musician and fortune-hunter Fritz Ostermayer on an abysmally embarrassing art form

Tbilisi – Andreas Reihse on the art scene of the Georgian capital

Between 1910 and 1920 Tbilisi was one of three avant-garde centres in South-eastern Europe. The art historian Nana Kipiani on neo-symbolists, Acmeists, Futurists, proto-Dadaists, Zaumniks, Expressionists and Cubists

Reviews from London, Vilnius, New York, Vienna, Graz, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Zurich, Istanbul

We attend the Art Basel, June 16-20, 2010. Look us up!

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