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21 May 2010

New Monuments at Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp


New Monuments


From 23.05 to 19.09.2010


0032 (0)3 288 33 60

Middelheimlaan 61
2020 Antwerp

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23.05 – 19.09.10

Statues and other monuments in the public space: we walk past them every day, generally without more than a moment's consideration. They remind us of an event, honour an important person, express a feeling of shared pride... Monuments make a bid for eternity. This has been the case primarily since the 19th century. But how about in our time? Does such a 'public monument with a message' still have a future? Will other kinds of monuments start appearing? What could art in the public space signify? The monument is dead, long live art?

The Middelheim Museum, which is responsible for public art in Antwerp, invited thirteen artists to consider the relevance of the monument in our time. Three questions stand central to this exhibition of new works from the thirteen artists: for whom or what can an artist still create a meaningful monument in this day and age? As an artist, how do you relate to the patron? And, in our rapidly changing and complex time, is such a fixed and 'eternal' monument still relevant?

All of the selected artists are familiar with Belgium. The new works they have created for the occasion are exhibited in Middelheim Park. Some of them make a break from the tradition of the monument, while others expand on the existing visual language, providing an interesting interaction.

Refreshing art history and literary approaches will take place in conjunction with the Antwerpen Boekenstad initiative. During the exhibition, the spotlight will also fall on the existing monuments in the centre of Antwerp.

With: Caroline Coolen, Johan Creten, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Jan De Cock, Nick Ervinck, Kendell Geers, Wesley Meuris, Selçuk Mutlu, Johan Muyle, Nadia Naveau, Sven 't Jolle, Angel Vergara, Gert Verhoeven