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07 May 2010

3rd International Competition 'FestArte VideoArt Festival'

'FestArte VideoArt Festival' Competition
Federculture // Associazione Culturale FestArte


FestArte VideoArt Festival is based on a theme - INVISIBLE VIOLENCE in private, public, social contexts -, comprises monetary prizes and an international jury composed of leading experts. The Awards ceremony will take place in Rome, on 15 September 2010, at the new cultural space La pelanda, managed by Museum MACRO. Award-winning videos and finalist videos will be displayed in a group exhibition (15-18 September, 2010) that will be also touring across some Italian museums. Awards: 1st Prize: € 3.500 - Art Critic Prize: € 1.000 - Audience Prize: € 500 Submissions will be accepted until 20 July, 2010. Entry fee for each submission: € 10. Entrants can find the guidelines on

Manuela Contino
mob. +39 06 32697511
+39 06 32120269

Ass. Cult. FestArte
Via dei Lincei, 101
00147 Roma

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The 3rd International Competition 'FestArte VideoArt Festival' - the international video art competition in Italy - is ready to kick off.

Promoted and sponsored by Italian Federculture, organized by the Associazione Culturale FestArte, devised and directed by Artistic Director Lorena Benatti.

The aim of the competition is to give visibility to audiovisual language, to promote its research and artistic cultural content, as well as to valorise emerging international talents - past editions involved 34 Countries across the globe. 

The artistic aim is supported by a social objective. Indeed, the theme of the third edition of the Competition is the INVISIBLE VIOLENCE in private, public, social contexts. FestArte VideoArt Festival invites video artists to investigate a kind of violence that is not much visible: violence that hides in the depths of our most private, familiar and intimate worlds; that we find in the public and working environment with harassment and stalking; violence that conspires with the political and economic powers and affects the life of a community. If undercovering the invisible violence can give us the key to part from it, then such awareness will also provide the necessary resources for a new beginning. 

Title: 3rd International Competition FestArte VideoArt Festival
Theme: Invisible Violence - private, public, social
Submission deadline: 20 July, 2010
Prize giving and inaugural exhibition: 15 September, 2010 
Exhibition of selected artworks: 15 - 18 September, 2010
Prize giving and Exhibition venue: Rome, Italy, La pelanda - MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome 
Promoter and Producer: Federculture
Creator and Organizer: Associazione Culturale FestArte 
Prize Money: € 5.000.00 
Maximum length of videos: 8 minutes
Entry form and info.:

Competition info: Ass. Cult. FestArte
Communication: Manuela Contino mob. +39 338 2362095 tel. + 39 06 5136278

For press enquiries
Tamara Lorenzi
tel./fax +39 06 299972
mob. +39 349 7092096