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16 Apr 2010

Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto: UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS

Joao Drummond

UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS – Theory and Practice of Art
Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto, Portugal


May, 11-14 at Passos Manuel, Porto Portugal
Registration after April, 15:
UP community - 35 Euros | all the others - 45 Euros
call for papers deadline - May, 22.

Ana Reis

Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto
Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas - 265
4049-021 Porto

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UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS – Theory and Practice of Art

Porto, Portugal, May, 10-14, 2010

The first edition of the international conference 'UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS – Theory and Practice of Art' will be held in May 2010 in the city of Porto, Portugal. Organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto (FBAUP), this conference aims at establishing an intellectual platform to discuss fluidity of contemporary art practice through a series of interdisciplinary interventions.

The 2010 edition of UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS will have three main topics for debate — UNTANGLE: The Future Past of Media Art; UNSUSPICIOUS: The Politics of Aesthetics; UNCUT: Time-Based Art — which are at the core of today's problems of art practice.

The conferences will be held in an old cinema of Porto city center (Cinema Passos Manuel), which is only a five minute walk from the Faculty of Fine Arts, and they will be divided into two categories: Talks and Conversations. The first ones — a more conventional format – will take place in the afternoon, and Conversations — a more hybrid format — will take place in the evening.

See full programme here:

A simultaneous program will include exhibitions, workshops, screenings or concerts in different places in the city center and at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

After the conference a book will be published – UNNEEDED TEXTS / Vol. one – including both the papers presented and further relevant documentation on the event. A call for papers to be included in this book is now open.

Main programme

May 11
[Passos Manuel]
14:00 Reception
14:30 Conference official opening.
Uncut Time-Based Art
15:30 Conference - Christine Van Assche (FR)
Introduced by Fernando José Pereira (FBAUP)
17:30 Conference - Livia Flores (BR)
Introduced by Cristina Mateus (FBAUP)
21:00 João Penalva (PT/UK)
In conversation with João Fernandes (PT)

May 12

[Passos Manuel]
Untangle The Future Past of Media Art
15:30 Conference - Eric Kluitenberg (NL)
Introduced by Miguel Leal (FBAUP)
17:30 Conference - Margarida Carvalho (PT)
Introduced by Susana Lourenço Marques (FBAUP)
21:00 Christoph Korn (DE)
In conversation with Antonio Notario (SP) and Juan Gil (ES)

May 13
[Passos Manuel]
Unsuspicious The Politics of Aesthetics
15:30 to be announced
17:30 Conference - António Guerreiro (PT)
Introduced by Diniz Cayolla (FBAUP)
21:00 Ricardo Basbaum (BR)
In conversation with Miguel Pérez (SP/PT)

May 14

[Passos Manuel]
21:30 António Olaio (PT)
In conversation with Paulo Mendes (PT)
23:00 Closing Party