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11 Apr 2010

Norwegian Artists Abroad



NABROAD MAG- Deadline:
30. May 2010 ABROAD SYMPOSIUM- Deadline:
30. July 2010

Norwegian Artists Abroad

Norwegian Artists Abroad

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is launching August 2010. The first issue will feature Norwegian Artists Abroad who challenge the understanding of geographical belonging and explore narratives of nature and geographical boundaries.

The MAG will host an editor, writer and designer in residence and feature works by Norwegian Artists Abroad, through image and text it will symbolise the phenomena of NEW Norwegian art made abroad.

MAG is collaborating with established artists, writers and organisations as well as up and coming artists and students.

NABROAD wants to hear from freelance writers, artists and designers.
Deadline: 30. May 2010


will examine the meaning of geographical belonging and boundaries through art, theory and experience. Our point of departure will be Norwegian artists who live and work abroad as well as artists living in Norway with international backgrounds; shedding light on different aspects of 'belonging to', 'coming from' and 'living in'.

The festival's main focus is the juxtaposing of Norwegian thought and culture with influences from abroad and how this forms the phenomenon of new Norwegian Art.

ABROAD will tour London, Oslo and Tromsø 2012
Deadline for expression of interest: 30. July 2010


NABROAD is No 1 portal for information on Norwegian Artists abroad.
Resource for Norwegian Students looking for the best Art Schools abroad.
Platform for Norwegian Artists abroad looking for opportunities.

NABROAD is the only such initiative of its kind; it covers an area within the visual arts which has received no attention previously; Norwegian Artists who live and work Abroad, what they are involved with and what they achieve as well as what sets them apart from other artists through their intercultural expression. NABROAD believes that these artists create unique expressions within their work, juxtaposing Norwegian thought and culture with influences from abroad.

There are currently 850 Norwegians studying art outside of Norway and the number of artists that continue to live abroad after their studies is thought to be even larger. NABROAD believes that Norwegian Artists who study, live or work away from Norway contribute to the creative culture and creative economy worldwide, while at the same time enhancing the position of Norway in the art world.