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26 Mar 2010

University of Extremadura: LUMEN_EX 2010 Exhibition - Digital Art Awards

LUMEN_EX 2010 prizes

LÚMEN_EX 2010 Digital Art Awards
University of Extremadura


Palacio de Camarena – Cáceres
(March 26 - April 11) 19:30 pm Introduction LUMEN_EX 2010 CATALOGUE Blog:

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:: AWARDS LUMEN_EX 2010 ::

The first prize in the category of Digital Graphic Arts has been awarded to Work 'Planetas aislados II' of the Spanish artist Ana Soler and second prize has been awarded to 'La civilizacion de la imagen' of the Spanish artist Pablo Martinez.

The first prize in the category of short digital animations has been awarded to the animation 'Mon amour, stories of walls' of the Spanish artist Cheikh Maysun Mediavilla and second prize has been awarded to 'Transformation' of New Yorker Scott Draves.


:: Selected artists of DIGITAL GRAPHICS ::
Ana Soler – Planetas Aislados II (PRIZE)
Angel de la Rubia - Espectadores de Guernica 1
Bernardo Rivavelarde – Futura
Chus Garcia – For sale
Cristina Fontsare – Paisajes Variables (triptico)
David Cantera - Sin titulo
Eduardo Nave - Paisajes intermedios (XI)
Enrique Nuñez – KOKESHI
Francisco Nicolás - El camino que lleva al otro lado
Francisco J. Orallo – Fragile
Inma Avalos – Heterotopias
Javier Lloret – Sin titulo
Joan Cruspinera – Poliembrionia
José A. Blanco – Blanco: Paisaje: Tipografico. De la Serie Abstracciones Paisajisticas
Juan Martin – El Zen de la Calle I
Maria Zarraga – Fusión y pasado 4
Pablo Martínez - La civilizacion de la imagen (SECOND PRIZE)
Patricia Aragón – Sin titulo
Patxi Araujo – Sun Mirror
Ricardo Merino – Brainnest 1.0
Ruben Tortosa – Invisibles
Sergio Zavattieri – Orquidea III: Gimnodemia Conopea
Tete Alejandre – Ciudad de ciudades
Tilo Martin – Pesadilla
Toya Legido – Transgenicos

:: Selected artists of DIGITAL ANIMATION ::
Andrea Pazos – Sonotonialand
?ngela Moreno – L'invitee
Brenda Roberts– Jack
Chus Garcia-Fraile - Protected zone.sea
Daniela Serrano– Trayectoria del Cafe
David Cantera– Es Prioritario
David Sananman – Flyer
Elisabeth Moreno – Ferias de arte
Franck Soudan y Marc Veyrat– U-rss (
Francisca Bernal – Dentro del tiempo de un reloj
Gonzalo Rey – Tobby
Jaime Munarriz – Flux/Pulse/Nns
Jansen Peter - Human motions: Heel Daoyin-Soccer-Runner
Jorge Morais – El pintor de cielos
Khaled Hafez - The A// a Project (On Presidents & Superheroes)
LARA + COTO- Small Biographie of a Monster
Luis M. Rivas – Bolboreta
María José Vega – Koke esta en el Mundo
Marta Alvim – Devir/Tobecome
Maysun Cheikh Ali Mediavilla – Mon Amour. Historias de Muros (PRIZE)
Miguel ?ngel Gaete – Monotonic
Miguel Francisco Jara – Abelianas
Scott Draves – Transformation (SECOND PRIZE)


The organization of the Awards is pleased by the great reception and the response we have had this first call:

• It attracted more than 200 works and pieces from 21 countries on 4 continents (only lacked Oceania).
• Many of the artists who have participated are professionals with extensive experience and high professional cache: among those submitted to the Digital Graphics section were 6 national awards of Engraving and Graphic among those presented at the Digital Animation section had various artists with first prizes in prestigious international competitions such as Ars Electronica or at Siggraph.
• The quality and level of the winning works to allow the University of Extremadura begins a Collection of Digital Art, no doubt, will become standard reference, on par with a great artistic heritage.
• The selection of works made by the jury (comprised of some of the most prestigious professionals in the field), to achieve one of the main objectives proposed by the leadership contest: the renewal of the imaginary in the iconography of the present graphic art and detachment with obsolete technological proposals awards flooded expressive use.
• The participation in its catalogue by well-known specialists in this artistic field, writting important critical texts, have provided to that publication (along with a sleek graphic design by Daniel Hervás) a quality and a much higher interest than usual in this type of publication. It is available on the Web a digital version of it online in PDF.
• The website of LUMEN_EX 2010 is being visited and consulted by thousands of users.
• It´s wall on Facebook social network already has 1212 friends and 245 fans (the statistical numbers consulted at 03/23/2010)

The organization is convinced that exposure of the winning works and selected (25 plays physical and 23 digital animations), which opens at the Palace of Camarena of Caceres, the 26th of this March, at 19,30 hours, you get to convey all these achievements in this first edition of 2010 with a 'staging' exhibition (entrusted to the Professor of the Department of Art History at the UEx, Rosa Perales), which will undoubtedly give clarity and usability that requires assembling hybrid (physical and virtual) as making up the set of all these works.

We invite you to visit the exhibit of Cáceres physically and virtually through its online version from the website of the contest on the Internet. We hope that through all these statistics, you can get an idea as close as possible to reality and which is consolidated in his first edition of 2010 Awards Digital Art / Digital Art Awards LUMEN_EX University of Extremadura, and whose success is due largely to the support received from the very beginning for you all, no doubt the determining factor for the organization of the contest has already confirmed its second edition, to be held next year 2011.