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15 Mar 2010

'Design by Performance' in Z33, Belgium

based on the original photo series by Bruno Munari, 'seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair'
Photography: Kristof Vrancken / Performer: Seppe Baeyens

Design by Performance


Opening Hours:
tue-sat: 11am-6pm
thu: 11am-8pm
sun: 2pm-5pm
From 14 Mar 2010 until 30 May 2010


0032 11 29 59 60
0032 11 29 59 61

Zuivelmarkt 33
3500 Hasselt

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Design by Performance: An overview of new performative and process oriented experiments in contemporary design


The boundaries between art and experimental design are becoming ever more blurred. Z33 already focussed on this phenomenon in 'Designing Critical Design', which featured designers who introduce a critical viewpoint on design and on their own practice.

'Design by Performance'
is a showcase for performative trends in contemporary design. The exhibition doesn't focus on finished products, but on the production process itself: objects whose ealisation is a continuous project, affected or formed by either the environment, the specific situation they are placed in, or the audience / visitors.
Processes and performances constitute a crucial part of Design by Performance, lending the exhibition an unpredictable and transformative character, and converting what is otherwise a static 'exhibition space' into a space open to action and change.


Atelier NL (NL), Maarten Baas (NL), Pieke Bergmans (NL), David Bowen (USA), Oscar Diaz (UK), Edhv (NL), Front (Sw), Martino Gamper (UK), Simon Heijdens (UK/NL), Eric Klarenbeek (NL), Sofie Lachaert & Luc d'Hanis (B), Laurent Liefooghe (B), Lawrence Malstaf (B), Bruno Munari (IT), Markus Schinwald (Au), Studio Glithero (UK), Studio Libertiny (NL), Tjep. (NL), Unfold & Tim Knapen (B)

Curator: Ils Huygens/Z33



Z33 is a centre for contemporary visual art and design. Since 2002, its goal is to reflect on societal and scientific evolutions and phenomena through the creation of elaborate research based exhibition projects. Z33 is situated in the previous Beguinage of Hasselt, unifying historical architecture and contemporary art.

Z33 is an initiative of the province of Limburg and is supported by Knack, Groep C and the Flemish Community