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18 Feb 2010

Call for applications: Professor in site and situation specific arts at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

Call for applications: Professor in site and situation specific arts at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
Finnish Academy of Fine Arts


Deadline for applications: 5 March 2010 3.45pm


Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
Kaikukatu 4
00530 Helsinki

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Professor in site and situation specific arts (including different forms of environmental, performance and installation art) to be filled from 1 August 2010 for a fixed term up to a maximum of five years

• Artistic merits and competence: the professor is required to have experience in teaching and in international co-operation as well as extensive knowledge of the field of contemporary art.
• In principle, the post requires sufficient competence in Finnish and English and the ability to understand Swedish. However, a foreign national or a non-native Finnish citizen may be appointed to the post without demonstrating the required proficiency in Finnish or Swedish.


• The professor is responsible for the teaching and development of site and situation specific arts in the degree programme of time and space arts.
• The professor carries out and supervises scientific or artistic work, gives education based on it and follows developments in science or art and participates in societal interaction and international cooperation in his/her field.
• The professor contributes to teaching in his/her field, supervises students' studies, gives the examinations under his/her responsibility, submits to the university the necessary reports on his/her teaching, publishing activities, scientific and artistic work and examinations given, performs the duties attendant upon membership in the administrative bodies of the university and other tasks that have been assigned or given to him/her and participates in the selection of new students.
• The professor is expected to actively engage in the development of the degree programme and the university.

The application, including the following documents, should be delivered in three copies:
• written statement of the artistic and teaching merits relevant to the post
• portfolio of artistic work
• curriculum vitae
• list of publications
• (proof of language proficiency)

The application and the appendices should be in English, Finnish or Swedish.

For further information please contact Chair of the Recruitment Committee, Professor Jan Kaila at or Secretary of the Committee, Development Manager Katariina Kivistö-Rahnasto at, tel. +358 45 6578 264.

For more information see also the complete instructions for appointment at

The application must reach the Academy no later than 5 March 2010 at 3.45pm.
Address: Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki, Finland.

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts is an international fine arts university and the only one of its kind in Finland. It provides high-quality education in moving image, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and site and situation specific arts. It is also a pioneer in artistic research. The Academy has been training artists since 1848.