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01 Feb 2010

Open Call for lecture-performances at Just Madrid Art Fair 2010

Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado


Filipa Oliveira


Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado
R. Ponta Delgada, 55 - 3º Dto
1000-240 Lisboa

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Open call for four lecture-performances for the project On the Table, organized by the Lisbon-based curatorial team Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado for the section Curators Desk at Just Madrid Art Fair 2010. Lecture-performance refers to the bringing together of performative and educational traditions within a pedagogical context. Artists can present their work or a specific project through an informal discussion with the audience, devising a discursive platform within the context of an art fair.

We are looking for proposals that consist of one night presentations with a maximum of 2 hours taking place in a four-square meters booth. The selected proposals have to be carried out by artists based in Madrid during the city's fair week (February 17-21) and cannot require any budget or specific equipment. Just Madrid Art Fair will take place between February 18-21 at El Matadero in Madrid and the lectures-performances will take place every night at 19H00, except on Sunday, which will be at 17H00.

Please send a maximum of 250-word proposal with up to 5 images by February 7 containing all contact information including e-mail, cell phone number, address and a brief CV to the following e-mail: The four selected artists will be contacted by e-mail.


'In order to know anything at all about the table, we must know truths connecting it with things with which we have acquaintance', once wrote philosopher Bertrand Russell. This sentence informs On the Table, a project by Lisbon-based team Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado for the 'Curators' Desk' section at 'Just Madrid'. 'On the Table' means that if an idea has been put forward, it has been made available for public debate. Being the 'table' an object, 'on the' suggests the symbolic dimensions that have always been associated to it, which include eating and drinking, working, and talking. These functions are emphasized by Russell and encapsulate the curators' proposal. On the Table consists of a series of daily conversations with guests drawn from Madrid's constituency during the fair's week, as well as a series of daily artists' presentations within the tradition of the 'lecture-performance'. As a hub for the informal discussion of timely topics, this project engages artists, professionals and the audience in a discursive platform that evokes radical art pedagogical history.


Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado is a Portuguese curatorial team founded in 2004. They have organized different solo shows series in Lisbon with emerging artists, designers and architects. In 2009, they curated 'If You Don't Know What the South Is It's Simply Because You Are From the North' as part of 'No Soul for Sale: A Festival of Independents' at the X Initiative in New York, and 'Impossible Exchange' commissioned for Frieze Projects at Frieze Art Fair in London. With these projects, they have shifted their focus from the traditional exhibition format to critically engaging, discursive-, process- and participatory-based events that examine the relation of aesthetics and ethics within contemporary art.