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09 Dec 2010

Buhm Hong: LUMINOUS LINKS at Aando Fine Art, Berlin

Buhm Hong: Shining Pond Date, 2007 / Ink on paper, 40 x 60 cm / © Buhm Hong

solo exhibition project


Opening reception:
Dec 10, 7-9 pm Dec 11, 2010 - Feb 11, 2011 Opening hours:
Tue - Sat 11 am - 6 pm

Wonkyung Byun

Tucholskystr. 35
10117 BERLIN

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Buhm Hong

Dec 11, 2010 - Feb 11, 2011

Opening reception for the artist, Dec 10, 7-9pm

AANDO FINE ART is pleased to present LUMINOUS LINKS, the first solo exhibition of New York based artist BUHM HONG in Germany.

Having exhibited throughout New York, Paris and Seoul, Buhm Hong (*1970 in Seoul) presents for the first time several new site-specific video works and installations in Berlin.

His own, personal memories are the starting point of his work, in particular, places of his childhood: »Growing up, I lived in many homes. With every home I associate memories that I cannot forget. The feeling and memory of each home is mixed with the impressions of others: a fantasy parade all in my mind. Everything influences my perception of my current home.« (Buhm Hong)

In Hong's work the fragments of the past merge into a new narrative context and thus open up a sphere between past and present, experienced and imagined. Within these intimate worlds of memory the artist opens up a space that Bergson describes as »the exact point of intersection between mind and matter.« In the continuous stream of life, past and present are fused into one; time cannot be divided into sections, it is rather a permanent change of conditions.

In his early work Buhm Hong typifies the nature of individual perception primarily by organic shapes: exuberantly growing fluorescent dots capture a room. They generate unstable and delicate swarms in his video works, suddenly forming figurative shapes, only to disperse once again.

Since the beginning of this year, his structured arrangements come to the fore. Evoked from a real experience of viewing the exposed pipelines in the basement of an old New York apartment building, Buhm Hong now focuses on the authority and inherited principles of perception: »The scenery of this cellar reminds me of the structures of perception itself, where something like knowledge or prejudice always exists undisguised like the pipework.« (Buhm Hong)

Aando Fine Art presents the latest works by Buhm Hong, merging dreamful memories and appropriated experience; organic forms entwine with the artificial structure of interlaced pipes.

For further information please contact:
Aando Fine Art
Tucholskystr. 35
10177 Berlin
T: +49 30. 280 93 418 / M: info@aandofineart