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17 Dec 2010

Just published by Valiz: 'Giny Vos, Singing in the Dark'

Just published by Valiz: 'Giny Vos, Singing in the Dark'
Valiz, book and cultural projects,SingingintheDark


Just published by Valiz: 'Giny Vos, Singing in the Dark', a layered book about the magic of light.

Liesbet Bussche
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Valiz, book and cultural projects
Het Sieraad, Studio K34-36
Postjesweg 1
1057 DT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Just published by Valiz: 'Giny Vos, Singing in the Dark'

'Singing in the Dark' is a retrospective of the work of Dutch artist Giny Vos from the last 25 years. From Work to Do (1985) to White Noise (2009), her light installations stand out against the night sky. Whether a station forecourt in Apeldoorn or a large public space in Delhi, the specific location for which the installation is made takes on a poetic charge. The work responds to the urban surroundings and at the same time adds something that transcends this space. The location and the activities that take place there are no longer taken for granted. Attentive viewers or chance passers-by encounter an instant of brilliance that dazzles them for a moment.

The texts in 'Singing in the Dark' show which interpretations – and associations – Giny Vos' work admits. They also offer a good insight into the complexity of her works in the public domain.

With contributions by: Jeroen Boomgaard, Daria Ricchi, Ilse van Rijn, Sandra Smets, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Dirk van Weelden.

'Giny Vos, Singing in the Dark'
Design: Annette van Waaijen, Merel van den Berg; 180 pages, 28,5 x 23,2 cm (standing), sewn paperback, full colour, ENGLISH/DUTCH; Supported by Fonds BKVB, De Gijselaar-Hintzenfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds;
ISBN 978-90-78088-33-2, NUR 642, 652, € 29,50