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15 Nov 2010

CARD Association of Curators and Artists: new specialized database for curators, art institutions and artists

From recently submitted group exhibition available for tour:
Being There, curated by Chris Sharp, MeetFactory Prague, 2010
Matt Sheridan Smith, Untitled (Congratulations), 2007

Exhibitions on Tour International Database
CARD Association of Curators and Artists


Over 100 individuals and
40 institutions listed. Summary also in French, Spanish and German language.

David Korecky
+420 731 571 153

CARD Association of Curators and Artists
Sinkulova 14
147 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic

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ETID News: As of this month, the database has a new section for solo shows. These projects can be submitted by artists as well as by curators.

Direct link to exhibitions profiles:


The Exhibitions on Tour International Database (ETID) is an online database of art exhibitions available for travelling on loan to other exhibition spaces.

The database can be used to find new interesting projects for your exhibition programme or to find additional venues for your exhibition.

ETID aims to provide an informational forum for progressive institutions with long-term, high-quality exhibition programmes. The database is also open to interdisciplinary and experimental projects.

We offer free listings for projects curated by independent curators, organized by emerging organizations, or selected by the ETID team.

We perform in-depth research and regularly update the database with interesting new exhibitions from around the world that are available for touring.

You and your institutions work hard, and ETID values your efforts and help your ideas to travel.

Basic overview

What ETID is and what it is not
The ETID database is an informational publications tool for a specialized circle of art professionals. The database contains only information that has been entered by participating institutions or individuals. Its primary purpose is to expand institutions' options for exchanging information about their exhibition projects that are available for display at another gallery or exhibition space. ETID is not an agency, nor is it a broker of services. In submitting their projects or browsing the database, institutions have taken the first step to finding a new exhibition partner. From then on, participating institutions communicate directly with one another.

Submitting an exhibit
Exhibitions (curated, group, or individual exhibitions of monographic character) may be submitted by public, private, governmental or non-governmental institutions or organizations that organized the original exhibition, or by curators or other individuals authorized to do so by the exhibition's producer.
Solo shows can be submitted by artists as well.
Submitting one exhibition project with the database for a period of three years is subject to a submission fee of 70 euros. Projects curated by an independent curator or produced by an emerging organization, as well as projects selected by the ETID research team, may be submitted free of charge.

Database structure
The database is also open to interdisciplinary and experimental projects. Projects can be submitted and searched for by period (from contemporary art all the way to antiquity) or type of project (visual arts, applied arts, design, architecture, or exhibitions of a literary or research character). The ETID is based in Europe, but has a fully international scope, and you can focus your search on specific continents.

CARD Association of Curators and Artists,
Founder and operator of the Exhibitions on Tour International Database