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10 Nov 2010

Salvo: 'Getting ready for the evening' at Zonca & Zonca, Milan

Salvo, Preparativi per la sera, 2010, oil on canvas, cm 40x50

Getting ready for the evening
Zonca & Zonca


Opening: 16 November h.6.30 p.m 16 November - 31 December 2010


+39 0272003377
+39 0272003369

Zonca & Zonca
Via Ciovasso 4
20121 Milan

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Zonca & Zonca is pleased to announce the new solo show by Salvo: 'Getting ready for the evening'

The exhibition's title is taken from the work that opens the show. The picture represents a sunset: the moment in which the sky gets ready for the evening.

At the threshold of the transition between day and night, the pinkish, orange and violet-purple colours forecasting the sun's descent have an extraordinary intensity in their colour scale.

The artist's scandalously pure, harsh, gradations and disdainful palette is also found in the twenty small paintings specially commissioned for the show. These paintings retrace Salvo's beloved motifs, a sort of personal archive of his stylistic traits; autumnal still lifes, oriental landscapes depicting columns, seasonal flowers, red roofed villages, nocturnal landscapes dominated by the moon and seascapes with trees on the seashore.

In Salvo's painting, objects and landscapes become abstract and seem to fluctuate in a timeless space where the simplicity of the geometrical forms conciliate quietness and dynamism.

The perfect mastery of the means, the strict control of the composition and faintly - sometimes undetectably - changeable formal elements, allow him to create his compositions 'in an absence of the subject', regaining that pure and essential component of his painting that characterized his conceptual period.

A catalogue titled 'Getting ready for the evening', reproducing the exhibition's works will be edited for the occasion.