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09 Nov 2010

Eduardo Consuegra and Wintergarten Ltd. at Actual Size Los Angeles

Consuegra/ Wintergarten Ltd.
Actual Size Los Angeles


Nov 13th, 2010 - Nov 27th, 2010 Opening reception:
Saturday, Nov 13th 7:00-10:00pm Image swap:
Saturday, Nov 20th 1:00-4:00pm

Lee Foley
001 213 290-5458

Actual Size Los Angeles
741 New High St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Actual Size is pleased to announce 'Consuegra/ Wintergarten Ltd.', an exhibition of works by Eduardo Consuegra and Wintergarten Ltd.

Using photographs, posters, and magazines Eduardo Consuegra and Wintergarten Ltd. isolate and recombine imagery, proposing new relations that both reveal and obscure meaning. For 'Consuegra/ Wintergarten Ltd.' the artists have created an installation of new work that restricts and re-directs the viewers relation to the work.

Visually grounded in modernist color fields and geometry, Eduardo Consuegra's works contain printed ephemera that present iconic ads and commercially seductive imagery. Consuegra combines Colombian and North American magazines and posters from the 1970's and '80's, creating works that simultaneously present and withhold. Intimating the residues of personal consumption, intellectual property and advertisement, his works reflect upon the complex interaction between people and materials. Consuegra's body of work also includes automatic drawings and paintings that are informed and influenced by an ongoing interest in the life of objects and transference of action and accident into the creation of a completed work.

Wintergarten Ltd. is a Los Angeles-based art collective, which takes its name from the German word for a greenhouse. The group generates work from a growing collection of vernacular photography and printed ephemera acquired from storage unit auctions and estate sales. These deserted photographs are often the artifacts of their previous owners' financial hardship or death. A partial document of systemic economic and individual recession, Wintergarten Ltd. re-contextualizes found imagery into diptychs, installations, artist's books and multiples. Through the curatorial arrangement and physical transformation of images, the artist links photographs into a fictional narrative, mapping an abstract emotional portrait that feels concurrently tentative, immediate, and specific.

To commemorate the exhibition the artists will host a magazine and photograph swap on November 20th. Participants are invited to come to the gallery with old magazines and photographs to trade and exchange with other artists and collectors.

Eduardo Consuegra (B. Bogota, Colombia) lives and works in Los Angeles. He holds an MFA from Art Center College of Design and a BFA from Universidad De Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. He is represented by Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles. Consuegra's work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Colombia, Italy, The UK, Canada, Mexico and the USA, including: The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Santa Monica Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Apexart, New York; San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego; Centro Cultural Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico.

Wintergarten Ltd. has published two books, 'Women: Erotic & Vernacular Photography (Catalog 1, Volume 1)' and 'Men: Erotic & Vernacular Photography (Catalog1, Volume 2)'. Exhibitions include; X-Initiative, New York; and Night Gallery, Los Angeles.