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04 Nov 2010

'Patrimonies' by Beatrijs Albers in M - Museum Leuven

Beatrijs Albers, 'patrimonies', 2010

Beatrijs Albers, 'patrimonies', 2010
M - Museum Leuven


4/11 till 16/12/2010 open: Tue till Sun, 11h00 > 18h00
Thu > 22h00. free admission


+ 32 16 27 29 29

M - Museum Leuven
L. Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000 Leuven

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In her videos and installations Beatrijs Albers explores themes such as spatiality, the demarcation of territories, and identity: she uses such diverse subjects as design, monuments and customary ways of dealing to question and break through all kind of barriers. Albers is interested in the way in which people occupy a space and give it meaning. Her works frequently take as their starting point a 'tourists point of view' – a term by which she indicates that she takes up a position from which she first of all looks at the external aspects of a place, town, or country, before examining the context.
At the heart of her approach is a strong interest in monuments; reference points in the landscape that often contain various – changing – meanings.
Her transformations set out to confront the artificial character of objects and places with their 'individuality'.
In patrimonies Albers further explores her fascination with representation, identity, and reproduction. She also sets out to raise questions about our relationship with our heritage, about the idea of reactivation of a given memory and heritage and the 'monumentalisation' of objects that make up our everyday world.

Beatrijs Albers is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brussels. She graduated from Sint-Lukas Brussels, university college of art and design and is currently teaching video art in SLAC, Louvain.
Exhibitions of her work include: the argosfestival (Brussels), Galerij L'Observatoire Maison Grégoire, Brussels, Netwerk / Center for Contemporary Art (Aalst), mix Media (Paris), Videobrasil (Brazil), COURTisane festival (Gent), Festival Paris / Berlin, Personal Cinema, Berlin, …


The new museum 'M', opened its doors in September 2009. The impressive, streamlined museum building, situated in the heart of the city of Leuven, is a real eye-catcher. Designed by renowned Belgian architect Stéphane Beel, it integrates existing historical buildings with contemporary architecture, built around a peaceful interior court. This combination of present and past is also typical for the way the museum works: M is a platform for discovering historical as well as contemporary art. Temporary exhibitions allow a multitude of disciplines, from painting and sculpture to photography, video, film, design and architecture to find their place in the museum.

Other ongoing contemporary exhibitions in M

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- MATTHEW BRANNON 'Mouse Trap, Light Switch' till 5/12/2010