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04 Oct 2010

Famiglia Margini presents Salvatore Melillo

Salvatore Melillo, 'SEXTING 7' – 2010 oil on canavas, cm 40x40

Salvatore Melillo: SEXTING
The Art of Osè self portraits
Famiglia Margini


October 05, 2010 at 6:30 pm
Free entrance October 05, 2010 - October 30, 2010 From Monday until Friday
11:30 am - 8:00 pm

Press Office: Flavia Lanza

Famiglia Margini
Via Simone D'Orsenigo, 6
20135 Milan

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Join the new “play” of prostitution, self-image through MMS. Undress yourself and let me spy through the eye of the phone… the Net captures you, gets hot, delight of a spoiled generation accustomed to satisfy any desire “right here and right now”. We are on the threshold of a crime, opens a curtain of endless possibilities of pleasure, indeed, it is worth defending a freedom of information.

Laura sends a message to Andrea showing her new Lace Panties, David sends a photo to Serena where Boxer Shorts host erupting desires, Matteo and Luca live far away but every night they do Cybersex, Massimo is always single, but on cam4 meets virtual lovers at any time.

Technological improvement opened up new possibilities for communication thus increasing the number of realities. Today Sexting is the revolutionary way of liberation from the sense of shame dictated by the latest excrescence of a bigot, religiously oppressive, culture. A strategy to reveal what is hidden under the burka of prissiness or just a little trick to say, "come closer". Showing is a hormonal and emotional call for attention that cannot be silenced or repressed in its bloom.

A gift from former generations, an instruction manual on how to live is unsuccessful in its intent, and existential unease is real as the pressure of the number of suicides. Last farewell and goodbye message on Twitter mood update box. There is a stream that connects us all as an "archetypal memory" of the third millennium. Even the need for love is posted on the Internet, navigating it is more likely to run into explicit pictures of nude teen then a message in a bottle.

It is in the Freud's Labyrinth that Salvatore Melillo wanders: equipped with mobile phone or PC to track the sexual interactions of the last generation, by SEXTING. Renewing the social role of artist on a reconnaissance mission of the future, painter Salvatore Melillo explores the network, picking between the boobies and other body parts available to anyone’s fleeting glance, he classifies them as a butterfly collector and with his agile brush brings them into pictorial material. Picture after picture, a desire to desire, inch by inch courageous is the path that runs through eager burning of his works to narrate the hectic world of “desires”.

The delicacy of black and white with which he portrays heart-shape panties and silicone breasts abstracts the image by putting it into the calendar of erotic pictures. Postcards depicting 1930s beauties, soldiers and their lovers in tight embrace in photographs, premarital portraits shipped overseas to immigrants they all tell the last century … sexting today and tomorrow?
Art emerges the hidden side of life in a purifying aura of grandeur, Francisco Goya, Salvador Dali and many other artists are reminded for their courage for opening the doors of the unknown and for knowing how to dissolve the collective fears.

Flowing along the shades, even if only for a second, sex remains LOVE.

Salvatore Melillo proposes an interactive game asking for "your Sexting" to make it art material. By sending a self-portrait you can participate to the exhibition on show at the gallery Famiglia Margini in Milan from 5th to 30th October 2010.

The Art of Osè self portraits

Solo exhibition by SALVATORE MELILLO
Curated by Angelo Cruciani & Grace Zanotto

A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

FAMIGLIA MARGINI – Cultural Association & Contemporary Art Gallery
Exhibition date October 05, 2010 – October 30, 2010
Vernissage October 05, 2010 at 6.30pm – Free entrance
Cocktail offered by Masseria Felicia

Via Simone d’Orsenigo n°6, 20135 Milan
From Monday until Friday / 11:30 am - 8:00 pm

Info: Ph. +39(0)255199449 / +393287141308
Web: /

Press Office:
Flavia Lanza
Cell. +393409245760