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16 Oct 2010

Bosco Sodi - Here Comes The Sun at Gallery Kai Hilgemann, Berlin

Bosco Sodi, Red circle, diameter 250cm, mixed media on canvas, 2010

Here Comes The Sun


09 October - 14 November 2010 Opening hours: Tue - Sat 12-6 pm

Kai Hilgemann
+49 30 2045 3396

Gallery Kai Hilgemann
Zimmerstraße 90/91
10117 Berlin

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Here Comes The Sun
Oct 09 – Nov 14 2010

The Kai Hilgemann Gallery is both delighted and proud to announce an exhibition of new organic pieces by the Mexican artist BOSCO SODI (born in 1970 in Mexico City, based in New York and Berlin).

Bosco Sodi's exhibition 'Here Comes The Sun' includes four new round works (diameter 250 cm), made in Berlin.

Sodi's art permeates the sphere where nature merges with man, creating a sense of materialized beauty, and generating a powerfullyemotional response in the viewer. His large-scale paintings of vivid colours derived from various organic materials mediate a space between painting and relief. The works possess a powerful sense of optical modulation, an organic beauty that evokes a sense of a visual binary—an oscillation between foreground and background, ridge and groove, shadow and light. As the viewer resolves and gradually comprehends the non-representational imagery within his personal lexicon, visual associations and rich textures of colourful fabrics hanging in the marketplace or the sculpted surfaces of earthen walls in Latin America begin to emerge. With deliberate allusions to the synaesthethic conditions of a sensory interplay, Sodi's aim is to combine colour and material in an informal and non-oppositional manner.

The artist states, 'colour must make a sound'. Sodi builds up his layers over the canvas support with wood pulp, sawdust, fibres derived from different sources such as jute, as well as pigments, and the traditional Mexican dye cochineal, glue and iron dust. The result is an organic topology that extends through various layers of paint, creating an outcome that surpasses the simple materiality of its components.

Bosco Sodi's art has been influenced by a wide spectrum of artists including Kandinsky, Klein, Rothko, Malevich and Tapies.

The exhibition's opening will take place on 8th October 2010, 4 pm to 9 pm, in the Gallery Kai Hilgemann, in the presence of the artist.

Bosco Soldi's exhibition at Gallery Kai Hilgemann coincides with a solo exhibition of new work by the artist at the Bronx Art Museum in New York, which opens on October 28th.