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21 Jan 2010

aMAZElab - CYPRUS: Art, Geopolitics, Publishing

Gianmaria Conti, 'The Memory Box'

CYPRUS: Art, Geopolitics, Publishing


Friday 29th January 2010 – h 2.30 p.m.


Art Caffè, Arte Fiera Bologna

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On the occasion of ARTE FIERA BOLOGNA aMAZElab is invited to a series of meetings organized in order to delve into the new structure of contemporary art and publishing. A unique occasion to present the artistic and editorial project 'Nicosia Memory Box', realized in collaboration with the two communities (greek-cypriot and turkish-cypriot) in Cyprus. 'The Memory Box' is a mobile device that works as a cultural antenna in emergency zones: public library and video, cinema, kiosk, sound installations, lectures and performances. It has been activated along border's areas (Waimar, Larissa, Nicosia). After the stop in the Larissa Central Station, 'The Memory Box' stopped off twice in Nicosia. The first stop was in the main square of South Nicosia - Elephteria Square for interviews to local people and far east immigrants on the concepts of 'Home'. The second stop was in the North part of the city, Saray Square, for a series of workshops with art students and young artists.

The aims of the project lie in the reactivation/nurturing of a common feeling of belonging, and in the transmission of thoughts, opinions, memories, dreams and desires of the people of the two Cypruses independently of the official channels of political communication and mass media.

'The Memory Box' is part of the international project and network 'Going Public', in collaboration with European Community Cultural Office, Anna Lind Foundation and Regione Emilia Romagna.

Contributions by
: Claudia Zanfi (project director); Marco Senaldi (theorist, curator and professor); Yannis Papadakis (professor and sociologist, Nicosia); Maria Cristina Turchi (Cultural Promotion - Regione Emilia Romagna).