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13 Jan 2010

Ernst Schering Foundation: Cloud Core Scanner – In the Troposphere Lab

(c) Agnes Meyer-Brandis / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2009

Cloud Core Scanner – IN THE TROPOSPHERE LAB of Agnes Meyer-Brandis


January 15, 2009 – February 27, 2010

Opening Hours: Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Free Admission

0049-30-20 62 29 60

Unter den Linden 32-34
10117 Berlin

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Clouds, their formation and their substance, have long been a much-discussed topic in art and science. For artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis (Cologne, studies of mineralogy and sculpture), it was thus a unique opportunity to be invited by the German Aerospace Center to participate in one of its zero-g flights, which are primarily reserved for scientific purposes, and to work under conditions of temporary weightlessness on her art project 'Cloud Core Scanner.'

Her current installation IN THE TROPOSPHERE LAB provides insights into the material produced under conditions distant from earth. The exhibition tells of the formation of clouds and shows conditions and combinations of art and science during zero gravity.


By supporting projects in frontier areas and at the interfaces of traditional disciplines, the Ernst Schering Foundation wants to pave the way for new ideas and thoughts. To this end, the foundation has organized a lecture program in conjunction with the 'Cloud Core Scanner' project and invites to use the discussion as a background for discussions with scientists working in aerosol (cloud) research. For topics & dates please have a look at:


During the exhibition, the Sophiensaele in Berlin-Mitte present Agnes Meyer-Brandis' 'MAKING CLOUDS, or ON THE ABSENCE OF WEIGHT – A Contemporary Traveling Movie Show' on February 5 and 6, 2010. A combination of film, performance and lecture, the traveling movie show unites contemporary art with quite surreal forms of science. More information:

Thanks to all partners and funders of the project: DOCK e.V., Hauptstadtkulturfonds, transmediale.10, TSI-Trust Science Incorporated