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05 Jan 2010

INSIDERS experience, practices, know-how at CAPC & arc en reve

INSIDERS experience, practices, know-how


09.10.2009 – 07.02.2010

+33 (0) 5 56 00 81 70

7, rue Ferrere
+33 (0) 5 56 00 81 70

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Insiders – experience, practices, know-how

arc en reve & the CAPC, the architecture centre and the contemporary art museum have worked together to create the exhibition Insiders as part of the first edition of Evento, the Bordeaux cultural and urban biennale. Insiders and Evento are interrelated, both focusing on the theme of 'the private and the collective'. Insiders brings together over eighty architects and collectives from a variety of back- grounds who have in common ways of overstepping the frontiers of their respective disciplines. Like the early folklorists, contemporary artists have explored ways of collect- ing a variety of cultural materials, while architects offer alternative approaches relating to new ways of appropriating the city and architecture itself. This selection is the result of a survey in the fields of architecture and urban design focusing on the relationships and influences that link 'high' culture to 'popular' culture. Insiders responds to current world social and economic issues and models of global culture by exploring new and singular dynamics of exchange and organization that bear the potential for new collective values.

Francine Fort - general director, arc en reve centre d'architecture:

In architectural terms, Insiders focuses on knowledge and expertise as they directly relate to modes of use. The aim of arc en rêve, ten years after the major exhibition entitled MUTATIONS, is to high- light another phenomenon this time involving the revenge of 'localness', the construction of new types of narrative, and the search for new ways of being together. The current economic crisis, coupled with heightened ecological emergency, gives Policy a central role. Civilizational changes no longer take place thanks to market pressures alone, but under the impulse of populations that are organizing themselves and initiating new ways of producing frameworks in which to live. Locally and in networks, a variety of experiments are defin- ing new territories for projects and new ways of relating to others. From these new conditions for architecture, which in spatial and temporal terms addresses the finiteness of the world, arise new ways of thinking about design and production; they cut across disciplines and function in direct contact with inhabitants.
The selected works on show reflect alternative ways of approaching the profession of architect. These 'explorers of the everyday' have embraced a form of democratic commitment and set out in search of a new world: a world of greater solidarity and citizenship. They open up their professional work to the aspirations of ordinary people. The position of these architects involves refusing the status of mere 'project executor'. They lay claim to the project in a different way, as part of an ongoing process in which knowledge is shared: a truly collective work.

Charlotte Laubard director, CAPC musee d'art contemporain:

How does art relate to popular culture today? For several years this has been a key question in the various components of the CAPC art programme. After investigating the relationships between art and Sunshine Pop, architectural utopias, the esthetics of suburban housing in the Seventies and Eighties, French psychedelics, and cinema and theatre as exhibition systems, the museum is now broaden- ing its investigation with Insiders. This exhibition examines how art forms and cultural practices are embracing and reviving the notion of folklore. In a world transformed by the Internet revolution, where the amateur and professional spheres inter- mingle and where 'today's mass culture [would be] tomorrow's folk art' (Mike Kelley), the role of the artist seems akin to that of a nomadic seeker, traf- ficking at the intersection of different disciplines and in ever more singular contexts. The infinite repertoire of forms, images, actions and techniques from which artists can draw enables them con- stantly to challenge the frontiers of art while at the same time reaffirming its specificities.

Projects on show:

2012 Architecten / Cornelia Lauf • 4 Taxis • Kim Adams • Cory Arcangel • Vladimir Arkhipov • Bertille Bak • Ball & Nogues Studio • Leah Beeferman • Patrick Bouchain • Alexander Brodsky • Patrice Caillet • Jean-Marc Chapoulie + Denis Savary • Raimond Chaves / Inti Guerrero • Cybermohalla / Cedric Vincent • C?lin Dan • Burning Man Festival • Stefan Canham + Rufi na Wu • Crimsons Architectural Historians + Felix Rottenberg • Buro Detours • Jeremy Deller • Daniel Dewar & Gregory Gicquel + Mick Peter + Aiden & Agnes Fynch • Stephane Doesinger • Jimmie Durham • Thierry Ehrmann • El Ultimo Grito • EqA • Ruth Ewan • Fashion Architecture Taste • Peter Fattinger + Design-Build • Cao Fei • Peter Fischli & David Weiss • Pierre Fisher et Justin Meekel • Freistilmuseum / Tiphanie Blanc • Terunobu Fujimori • Anna Galtarossa & Daniel Gonzalez • Dionisio Gonzalez • Gramazio & Kohler • Richard Greaves • Peter Haimerl • Helen & Hard • Anna Heringer & Eike Roswag • Hild und K • V. T. Houteff / Jim Shaw • Interbreeding Field • Pierre Joseph • Alan Kane • Igloo Media Patrimoniu • Mike Kelley • le Vilain • Laurent Legall • Jacques Loeuille • Abu Bakarr Mansaray • Joseph Marzolla • Asier Mendizabal • Mathieu Mercier • MMW • Christodoulos Panayiotou • Gael Peltier • Nikolay Polissky • Marjetica Potrč • Raumlabor • Pedro G. Romero / Archivo F.X. • Adelfo Scaranello • anonymes / Janet Lee Scott • Dubravka Sekulic & Ivan Kucina • SPEEDISM • Sitesize • Brad Templeton • Suzanne Treister • Oscar Tuazon • Marcel Turkowsky • Viljoen & Bohn • Kai Vockler + Archis Interventions • Mario Ybarra Jr. • Raphael Zarka • Andrea Zittel


CAPC musee d'art contemporain de Bordeaux
contact : François Guillemeteaud
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arc en reve centre d'architecture
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