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01 Aug 2009

MARCA Museum presents Intersezioni 4. Dennis Oppenheim, Splashbuilding

© Dennis Oppenheim, Splashbuilding.
Archaelogical Park of Scolacium, Borgia (Catanzaro)

Intersezioni 4. Dennis Oppenheim, Splashbuilding


July 31, 2009 - November 3, 2009

- Archaelogical Park of Scolacium: every day, 10 a.m. - 9.30 p.m. Free Entrance

- MARCA Museum: Tuesday - Sunday, 9.30-13 a.m. / 16.30-20.30 p.m.
Closed on Monday. Entrance: € 3

The exhibition is organized in conjunction with 'Alex Katz. Reflections' (until September 27th)

0039.0961. 746797

Via Scylletion, 1 - 88021 Borgia (CZ) / Via Alessandro Turco, 63 - 88100 Catanzaro (Italy)

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Dennis Oppenheim is the protagonist of Intersezioni fourth edition, an event where contemporary sculpture and archaeology come into contact and contaminate each other.

For the first time, the long-awaited happening titled Splashbuilding will double thanks to two different exhibitions set up in the Scolacium Archaeological Site and in the Catanzaro MARCA Museum. Both events are organized by Alberto Fiz, the artistic Director of the MARCA Museum.

This is the perfect chance to meet the works of one of the major personalities on the international artistic scene. As a matter of fact, since the Sixties he contributed to renewing art languages through his support to Land Art and later to Body Art.

The exhibitions openings, taking place each one in its site on July 31st, will be accompanied by the edition of a complete monograph in Italian and English by Electa.

The MARCA Museum displays sculptures and project models created by Oppenheim since the Sixties; while the Scolacium Park hosts monumental works of the last decade and inedited declarations in the frame of one of the most important archaeological sites in South Italy. After a careful inspection, Oppenheim decided to take advantage of the whole territory of the Scolacium Park by involving both the naturalistic and the historic features of the place. The exhibition will therefore extend from the olive grove to the three significant monuments: the Norman basilica, the Forum and the Roman Theatre.

In Scolacium are displayed 20 large installations which are a testimony the artist's latest investigation. The works presented have a strong visionary and destabilizing power and develop a new perception of physical and psychological space moving between science and science fiction.

The project is completed by Oppenheim's exhibition organized in conjunction with Alex Katz's display (open until September 27th) at the MARCA Museum. Here it is possible to admire significant sculptures such as Swarm (2009) or Light Chamber (2009) which underline Oppenheim's creative freedom. As a matter of fact, the artist creates unstable and provisional elements and positions them according to his investigation; always focusing on the relationship between architecture and design.The MARCA exhibition also includes a wide documentation on his video production since the Sixties.