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05 Aug 2009

C-Collection introduces Diana Al-Hadid

© Diana Al-Hadid
The Path of Diminishing Returns
New York, USA, 2008



C-Collection is currently an online arts platform, but there are plans to open up C-Collection to the public through exhibitions.

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C-Collection introduces Diana Al-Hadid

C-Collection is always looking to invest in remarkable and talented artists. The foundation's philosophy is to foster and promote creativity. Subscriber users can participate and influence purchasing decisions through an online vote to determine which of the most popular works submitted should be included in the collection.
For this reason C-Collection is pleased to introduce a new special artwork by Syrian artist Diana Al-Hadid.

Al-Hadid constructs large, architectural sculptures from media such as polystyrene, plaster, fiberglass, wood, and wax. These materials combine to give the works the sense of extreme fragility and immediacy, contrasting with their monumental scale and sturdy construction. The physicality of her work helps to articulate her concern with the inevitable crumbling of ambitious human constructions. Al-Hadid illustrates her all at once grandly historical and deeply personal themes.
More about Diana Al-Hadid

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