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23 Jun 2009

May-Ling Martinez: 'Measured Resistance' at Luis de Jesus Seminal Projects

'Measured Resistance (Inflated/Collapsed)'
Fans, steel, plexiglass, rubber, vinyl, fabric, hardware, electric parts, and timer
72 x 90 x 48 in / 183 x 229 x 122 cm



27 June through 1 August 2009


2040 India Street
San Diego, California
92101 USA

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MAY-LING MARTINEZ's (b. San Juan, Puerto Rico) new sculpture and works on paper serve as a metaphor for an innate desire to understand and control our surroundings under difficult circumstances. The works in 'Measured Resistance' engage in the larger domain of relations—among ideas, objects, and the human heart—in order to gain a deeper insight into existential issues, such as the need for security and balance. Intrigued by human behavior and thought process, MARTINEZ investigates the paradoxical idea of maintaining control and stability under chaos. At the same time, she explores the idea that reason and logic, as prescribed by science and engineering, can function as a solace to an unstable reality framed by the infallibility of perception and personal subjectivity.

Employing combinations of pre-fabricated objects and her own hand-made pieces, MARTINEZ's work fuses the personal and the social, the mundane and the mysterious. Their themes and messages are often communicated in subtle form, by turn endearing and seemingly innocuous or vulnerable and repressive—at times hinting at the macabre. Her earlier work—'triggers to evoke memory' as she calls them—which one critic compared to 'unsettling dreams with a retro look', has given way to increasingly sparse and technically-sophisticated engineered pieces. The innocence and nostalgia of the past, often filtered through archetypes of idealized 1950s suburban life, technical illustrations, and the artist's own personal memories—and, now dramatically paired down—are tempered by the concreteness of logic and mechanical engineering.

May-ling Martinez lives and works in San Diego, California. She holds an MFA degree from San Diego State University (2007) and BA in Communications and Visual Arts from San Juan's Sacred Heart University (La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, 1996). She has exhibited in numerous venues, including the California Center for the Arts, the La Jolla Athenaeum of Music and Arts Library, William D. Cannon Art Gallery Biennial, Everett Gee Jackson Gallery/SDSU, UCSD, Galería José Pepin Méndez, San Juan, PR, and Lugar del Nopal, Tijuana, MX, among others. May-ling Martinez was the recipient of the 2007-2008 San Diego Art Prize in the Emerging Artist category.

Images of the individual works and installation will be available on the gallery website after June 27th. For further information, please contact the gallery at