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23 Jun 2009

Independent Collectors calls to arms: The Collectors' Duel

Independent Collectors: the first online community specifically targeted at collectors of contemporary art.

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In the past year, 1.689 collectors from 68 countries have registered with Independent Collectors. The number of features has increased since the launch, and just recently we were able to welcome our first Global Partner, BMW. And we won't stop there ...

The Collectors' Duel

There are several ways to shape a collection. One is to go out and buy art. Another is to sell pieces. Yet another is to trade. And trading is maybe the most gentlemen-like way of them all. One piece of art is weighed against the other, from the personal viewpoints of collecting individuals.

Christian and Tommi decided to transform this process into a duel. The only rules: (1) They may trade works of contemporary art only. (2) They may trade with collectors only. (3) And they have to document all activities for the general public …

Follow their progress in the blog and search your own collection for items to bid against their opening item, a beautiful small edition by Jonathan Monk.

Why register with Independent Collectors?

Apart from the current features, like digital storage and exhibition space for your collection, networking functions, event calendars and much more, the next 12 months will bring more exciting changes. We will publish the first 'Art Expedition', a short film produced in Berlin with the support of BMW. We will initiate additional forms of membership, new features concerning the 'restructuring' of collections and more useful tools a collector might need.

If you're a collector and interested to participate, come and join us now!

Your Independent Collectors Team.