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22 Jun 2009

Nora Schultz & Pernille Kapper Williams at Grazer Kunstverein

Pernille Kapper Williams, L'Habit du Parfumeur, 2009.
Photo: Pernille Kapper Williams.

Nora Schultz & Pernille Kapper Williams


Opening: June 26, 7pm
Duration: June 27 until September 5, 2009

+43 316 834141
+43 316 834142

im Palais Thinnfeld
Mariahilferstr. 2/II
8020 Graz Austria

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An exhibition presenting new works by artists Nora Schultz (*1975, currently living in Berlin) and Pernille Kapper Williams (*1973, currently living in Brussels).

The works of Nora Schultz emerge through interactions with collected materials, found objects, texts and signs. They are engagements with the visuality of these things and the spatial-social dimensions connected with it. Formal characteristics, weight and functions as the carriers and representatives of cultural reality are reformed and recoded in an aesthetic play of treatment, rearrangement, displacement, appropriation or copying. Nora Schultz blends sculptural approaches with the possibilities of performance, graphic printing, text production and photography as well as with the formats of presentation and reproduction attached to these media. Her works start from an active interest in materials and their contexts without having a preconceived visual product in mind. Structured like experiments that emphasize elements of production, they often appear as stages of a continuous working process.

For Kapper Williams, poetry is a game with the rhetoric of publication, presentation and mediation. Her work poses the question of how the meaning of things is linked to their respective formats of structure and presentation. The media, pedestals and frames by which ideas, contents, art objects, but also consumer products, are communicated and distributed are the starting points of her objects and images. Via esthetic interventions, subtle reductions or unusual contextualization, the artist confronts the question of how surfaces that furnish our everyday experiences are constructed and how individuals are intrigued by them. How does meaning originate? In Kapper Williams's work, language appears mostly as a font, as a text newly edited through framing, as a design for a fictitious book, or simply as a stack of blank paper – absent.

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