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12 Jun 2009

Mousse Magazine New Issue Out Now!

(Jimmy Robert. Diana Stigter, Amsterdam)

Mousse #19 Out Now!
New Issue | Summer 2009



Via Arena, 23
20123 Milan

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In Issue 19...

_It’s Biennale time! Jennifer Allen investigates the history of the mother of all art kermesses, revealing the link between the biennial formula, parsley, a noteworthy wedding, and the history of Italy.

_Walead Beshty, Olivier Mosset and 27-mile-long beach. Malibu, the perfect backdrop for one of the best conceptual conversations about the history of monochrome and the pitfalls of public art.

_Alessandro Rabottini met up with Jonathan Horowitz after a series of exhibitions in NY, Cologne and London, and it was an occasion to talk about ecological catastrophism, Sinead O’Connor’s courage, and the peculiarities of the artist’s “Show”, which combines politics with pop culture.

_Dieter Roelstraete explains to us why Susanne Kriemann has redefined the concept of the artistic documentary, filtering the flight of birds and Germany’s past through a process of self-questioning in the photographic medium.

_Dominic Eichler was intrigued by Nairy Baghramian’s interest in the Swiss-French designer Janette Laverrière. A conversation with the Iranian artist, based in Berlin, revealed the notion of “body” lurking in her objects, as well as the powerful feminist side of interior design.

_Ei Arakawa is able to turn a gallery into a construction site, or set up a stadium stage and take it down in half an hour. Anthony Huberman tells us about this frantic practice that has precedents in Gutai and Fluxus and that entails a high degree of instability.

_Stefania Palumbo encounters Jimmy Robert, the artist-performer who has transformed his body into an intersection of the personal, poetic and political.

_Hans Ulrich Obrist explains the weighty nature of his encounter with Emilio Prini, and why the artist’s work, apparently discontinuous, has brought to bear an incredible number of fundamental ideas for an entire artistic and curatorial generation.

_Vincenzo De Bellis meets up with Falke Pisano and tries to coax out an impossible definition: that of the “object” within her artistic practice.

_ Stéphanie Moisdon and Bruce Hanley come together in Andrea Viliani’s ?Curator’s Corner’ to plot the lycanthropization of old-style criticism, under the full moon of mingled genres.

_Gigiotto Del Vecchio talks to Amy Granat about the destructuring of filmic and pictorial language in her work, and the idea behind the Cinema Zero collective.

_Eleana Egan often draws inspiration from the titles of her favorite books. Her work is a delicate reaction to the location, and like a good book, sends out multiple echoes. Barbara Casavecchia investigates the literary passions of this Irish artist and the chromatic connotations of her work.

_The Ringier Annual Reports are a rarity in art publishing: a place where creativity, freedom, and balance sheets meet and clash. Daniel Bauman talks about this with Beatrix Ruf, curator of the series.

_Francesco Garutti got an idea: why not try to go through the halls of museums as if they were chapters in a novel? His Museum Stories have seen the involvement of Francesco Bonami, Yuko Hasegawa and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

_Massimo De Carlo follows a certain Boetti around the world, A.D. 1763.

_Milovan Farronato meets up with Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch. Her work reacts to identity models and bureaucratic paradoxes with sophisticated forms of criticism and rebellion.

_Can a city be explained through topography? Ana Paula Cohen looks at São Paulo through the speech and fonts of Angela Detanico and Rafel Lain, traveling through the precarious, decentralized metropolis for the column ?City Focus’.

Artist’s Project:

_Philippe Decrauzat recovers the typographical fonts of Richard Hamilton’s Green Box, finding analogies that range from Duchamp to The Telescopes.

Reporting from...

_PARIS: Francesca Di Nardo presents the spare, alchemic work of German artist Katinka Bock.
_NEW YORK: Cecilia Alemani visits the ?Pictures Generation’ celebratory exhibition at the Met.
_BERLIN: Francesca Boenzi interprets Christodoulos Panayiotou’s work through its many representations and absences.
_LONDON: Michele Robecchi meets up with Rosalind Nashashibi on the eve of her solo exhibition at ICA.
_LOS ANGELES Andrew Berardini travels through Jedediah Caesar’s landscapes.


_Andrea Lissoni on Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
_Jan Peter Hammer on Daniel McDonald.
_Kirsty Bell on Nora Schultz.
_Roberta Tenconi talks with Meris Angioletti for ?Introducing’.
_Ashley Heath describes Peter Saville’s last home for ?Skeletons in the Closet’.

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