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11 Jun 2009

Cécile Bart at Frac Bourgogne (Dijon, FR) & The Eventual at Futura - Center for contemporary art (Prague, CZ)

© Copyright Cécile Bart



Frac Bourgogne
Curator: Eva González-Sancho, director of the Frac Bourgogne
June 13th – October 24th 2009
Opening on Friday June 12th from 6 pm


Futura, Center for contemporary art
Curator: Eva González-Sancho, director of the Frac Bourgogne
May 16th – August 9th 2009

+33 (0)3 80 67 18 18
+33 (0)3 80 66 33 29

49 rue de Longvic
F-21000 Dijon

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Frac Bourgogne
49 rue de Longvic
F - 21000 Dijon

Cécile Bart, SUSPENS

The works of artist Cécile Bart will fill the premises of the Frac Bourgogne in the context of a commissioned exhibition. Since the late 1980s, Cécile Bart has induced viewers to experience seeing as an integral part of the world instead of detached from it.

As a continuation of the propositions Cécile Bart made with her exhibitions Habiter (at the Villa Arson in Nice in 1995) and Tanzen (at the Kunsthaus of Aarau in 1998), the exhibition at the Frac Bourgogne will put her paintings/screens in the space as if on stage. The paintings are sometimes décor, sometimes moving bodies, and also part of an exhibition of the scenes created by the paintings themselves, to which are added the presence of the visitors.

Indeed, Cécile Bart's paintings are sensitive tools for exploring the reality of a place and everything that gives life to it. Her painting/screen remains translucent; light passes through it and it can be seen through. It is almost impossible to look at the color alone. Everything which enters into the frame is projected onto it.

For the Dijon exhibition, Cécile Bart has worked with the panoramic vision which one has from the entrance, as well as the depth of the exhibition space and the light which bathes the place from high over head. In neither case is the spectator static, but rather can accept the invitation to move around, and let his eyes playfully explore the colored forms suspended in space. The forms in suspense remain unresolved both with regard to the space and to time, in the same way that an image of a film can be frozen – cinema being one of the artist's favorite media.

This is why Cécile Bart's creations touch on questions of abstraction, organization of colored forms in space, pertinent to the present-day context.

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Claire Legrand, deputy director - in charge of public services

Translated by Patricia Chen

open from Monday to Saturday from 2-6 pm, except public holidays
Guided tour - Saturday June 20th > 3 pm at the Frac - free entry


Futura, Center for contemporary art
Holeckova 49
CZ-150 00 Prague 5


The project for Futura, Center for contemporary art in Prague The Eventual is an enlarged version of the group exhibition entitled the same way and presented at the Frac Bourgogne exhibition room in 2007.

Today, the show brings together eleven works by Francis Alÿs, Johanna Billing, Matthew McCaslin, Jonas Dahlberg, Dora García, Gaylen Gerber, Henrik Håkansson, Guillaume Leblon, Ján Mancuška, Mark Manders, and Adrian Piper.

These works suggest different landscapes in which an event or situation may occur at any time, greatly altering them. The works create a state of suspension, interruption, and deliberate unfinishedness, in which nothing seems to be happening, and nothing is explicitly said, either, but where, precisely for these reasons, everything becomes possible.

All works presented here belong to the Frac Bourgogne collection except Ján Mancuška's one which has been borrowed for the occasion to another French public collection: Frac Lorraine (Metz).

A bilingual catalogue about the two times of this exhibition will be published in 2009.

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open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

The Frac Bourgogne is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DRAC: Regional Direction for Cultural Affairs of Burgundy - FR), by the Burgundy Regional Council (FR) and by the General Council of Côte-d'Or (FR).

The Eventual is supported by the Maison de Bourgogne in Prague (CZ) and by the European and International Direction of the Burgundy Regional Council (FR).